Setting up a base camp at a small Hungarian village, I had a brave new plan of riding some local off-road trails before the heat of the day got too intense. The trick was to get up around 4am and hit the trails early, which meant early bedtime, too. There was just one tiny problem: that weekend, the village was celebrating its monthly wine festival. Csazsartoltes is located right in the heart of the Southern Hungarian wine country, and locals love to gather for some wine tasting, live music, and dancing.

Normally, I wouldn’t be the one to pass up a party, but with my determination to hit the dirt as early as possible, this became an issue. The live music band set up their stage right outside my cottage door, and the music blared loudly throughout the entire night. Earplugs were completely defenseless, and I ended up getting just two hours of sleep, rendering my entire cunning plan useless.

Since I’m in no rush, I’m happy to spend the day fighting sleep deprivation and getting some work done instead of riding. But if I had to keep moving, this would have been a problem.

We’ve all been at a campsite where the other campers decide to throw a loud party instead of settling down, a noisy motel with people next door having an argument of the decade, or a busy hostel where people are checking in at all hours and there’s so much noise it’s impossible to get any shut eye at all.

I’m curious if there’s a solution to this, besides trying to be zen and suffering through. Some high-grade, custom earplugs? Noise-cancelling headphones? What do you do when there is loud music or noise, and you need to get up early to hit the road? Let me know in the comments below.




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