If you’ve ever taken part in a race series, the first thing you learn about is the track’s layout.  Those at the top levels of racing know which way the circuit turns without seeing the corners. The circuit’s layout is emblazoned in their head.

For those who have not taken part in a race series, track layouts are probably one of those factoids that reside somewhere in the darker corners of our memory.  However, for some race fans, a circuit’s layout readily comes to mind.  And that’s what this week’s quiz is about.

We’ve grabbed images of ten different North American race circuits where national-level motorcycle racing has or will make an appearance.  Your job is to determine which circuit appears in the picture shown in each question.  Some of the circuits are well known, while others are less so.  If you are not North American, don’t worry, we’ll have a similar quiz in the not too distant future on circuits outside of the USA.

Once you have completed the quiz, let everyone know how well you did in the comments below.  Good luck and enjoy!



Image credits: RacingCircuits.info

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