The organizers at Backcountry Discovery Route have announced their newest project, through Wyoming. But what about their last route, through New England? What’s it all about?

The NEBDR launched in early 2020, and everything looked great. And then, COVID-19 hit the US, and shut down a lot of travel. Maine, the northernmost state of the NEBDR, had particularly tight restrictions at some points of the pandemic. Overall, the NEBDR probably didn’t have the traffic it normally would have, although some riders did do it. Over the past few months, they’ve been uploading their perspectives to YouTube.

That’s helpful if you’re planning a trip in 2021; of course the BDR organization has its own ride movie featuring the route, but it’s always good to get a second (or third, or fourth) perspective of what to expect along the way, if you’re planning to commit two weeks’ vacation to the trip.

Sterling Noren/Motorcycle Travel Channel

Sterling Noren has a whole series devoted to the NEBDR on his Motorcycle Travel Channel on YouTube. His six videos give a good overview of what to expect through the individual sections through New York, Connecticut, Vermont/New Hampshire, and Maine. See them all here; see his overview of the trip below.

Bill Pacheco

Bill Pacheco’s an average Joe who uploads clips of his rides to YouTube. He’s got a 29-minute overview of the NEBDR here. It’s mostly just him describing the day’s rides, as he ends the day in a campground. It’s not as slick as Noren’s presentation, but a valuable perspective nonetheless, and a good chance to see what some of the campgrounds along the way have to offer.

Adam Chandler

ADV inmate Adam Chandler also posted some footage of an NEBDR trip. Definitely a different perspective from Pacheco, Chandler has lots of inflight footage, as well as looks at stops along the way. See one of his videos below. Also, see his thread on his 2020 adventures here.

And more …

There are also plenty of shorter clips on YouTube, videos that only show a few minutes’ worth of the route, but help to give you an overview—see more of them here. The Backcountry Discovery Routes’ page for the NEBDR is here, with GPS files and other details.

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