There’s good news for Norton motorcycle enthusiasts.  Norton Motorcycle’s interim CEO, John Russell, says that the Atlas range of scramblers will go into production in 2021.

This is just another step in the Norton brand’s resurrection that went into administration under the “leadership” of Stuart Garner.  During the administration phase, many people who had placed deposits on bikes or had theirs in for warranty service were left out in the cold.

But TVS purchased the bankrupt assets and has since set the wheels in motion to build Norton motorcycles once again.  With Russell’s announcement that Norton will return the Atlas bikes to production in 2021, it seems that Norton is on the way to a return to production.

Norton Atlas

The Norton Atlas range of scramblers will enter production in 2021.

You can now register your interest in the scramblers on Norton’s website.

The Atlas’ are modern but retro looking scramblers.  There are two in the range, which include the Atlas Nomad and the Atlas Ranger.  Both will share a common engine and chassis.  But the two will feature different trim levels, with the Ranger being the more “off-road worthy” of the two.

Common elements

Each machine is powered by a 650cc parallel twin-cylinder engine that produces a claimed 84 hp and 47 lb-ft of torque.  A 270-degree crank will likely give the engine a v-twin like sound and power delivery.  At the bike’s original Norton launch, dry weight was claimed to be 180 kg (396 lbs).

You can now register your interest in the scramblers on Norton’s website.  And, it’s great to see the Norton name return to production.  Norton says each bike is “hand-built.”   So if you are not excited by an ordinary run of the mill mass-produced machine, you may want to check out Norton. There’s no word on pricing, but for more information, you can visit Norton’s website.


All photo credit: Norton Motorcycles



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