TVS is now fully in charge of Norton Motorcycles.  And with their much fatter wallet, they have been busy building infrastructure to bring Norton back to full production.  Now, Norton says it can now officially reveal its new facility in “full scale.”

Back to their roots

Norton says that the new facility lets them return to their roots in the West Midlands.  And they say that they are “…now positioned to begin executing our ambitious plans for production.”

Their new facility covers “…73,000 square feet and houses state of the art equipment with the capacity to manufacture up to 8,000 motorcycles per year.”  That’s a pretty considerable feat considering that the building is complete and ready within eighteen months of TVS ownership.

showroom facility

The Norton showroom displays symbols of Norton’s heritage.

New facility, new jobs

Norton goes on to say that the facility brings many new highly-skilled jobs.  And, it has more than doubled in size.  In addition, Norton expanded its leadership team, and all departments now operate under a single roof.

“We’re proud to call it the most advanced facility in our 123-year history, transforming the way we work to produce truly remarkable and iconic motorcycles.  From the showroom to the production line, every detail has been carefully considered to represent our vision for the future success of Norton.”

According to Norton, its new headquarters embodies the essence of Norton, with the customer experience at the heart of it all.

Inside, you’ll find a showroom that features Norton motorcycles surrounded by its heritage bikes.  On the walls, you’ll see prints of Norton racing icons and famous Norton fans.  There’s also a large viewing window that lets you look straight into the servicing area and the Norton team at work.  And, on the right side of the window, you can see across the production floor to the motorcycle inspection light tunnel.

showroom facility

The customer showroom inside of Norton HQ.

Total transparency

Throughout the production area, there are viewing windows in each specialist lab “for total transparency.”  This includes the quality lab, engine build room, and fabrication.  Norton says the only lab that is not visible is its new global design and R&D hub.  Like most manufacturers, work on product definition, 3D CAD, and visualization of future models are important trade secrets.

Still, it’s quite refreshing to see that the TVS backed Norton wants to build confidence in its potential customers. Moreover, its transparency may help to dispel the recent shortcomings of its previous owner.   Good luck Norton, I hope you can bring the marque back to its former glory.



All photo credit: Norton



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