It’s here! After months of tinkering with background work, selecting a video platform, finding appropriate movies and acquiring the streaming rights, the Toronto Motorcycle Movie Festival has now launched its video-on-demand service. The new “Netflix of motorcycles” is here.

Wait—why it a movie festival building an online streaming service? In case you missed our previous articles on the TMFF’s plans, this is basically happening because of COVID-19, at least indirectly. Festival director Caius Tenche has been contemplating the idea of a video-on-demand service for a while, but had other things keeping him busy—including the festival itself, which ran at Toronto’s Revue Cinema. When the coronavirus pandemic meant the festival couldn’t run at the theatre, the organizers moved the films online for the 2020 event, allowing viewers to tune in from all over the world. Using the expertise gained with those online screenings, Tenche and his cohorts have now launched a video-on-demand service.

What can you watch? Many of these movies were screened at previous festivals, and there’s a wide range of work here, including features and shorts from all over the world. There are several ADV-focused films, including Austin Vince’s Mondo Sahara, which is well worth the rental.

The TMFF also has ADV classic Somewhere Else Tomorrow up for screening:

And 1 Map for 2, and Blue Mountains in the Arctic, and lots, lots more. You can see a list of films currently available here, but more will be added in the weeks to come.

Almost all these films are not geo-restricted, so you can watch them from anywhere in the world; in Canada, pricing is $6.99 for a feature, $3.99 for a short, plus applicable taxes. Once you pay, you have five days to start watching, and once you start, you have 48 hours to finish the film; you can watch the film as many times as you want during those 48 hours.

If you want to watch something, but you’re broke because you put all your money into new tires, there are some free-to-watch options on there now, and on April 21, the TMFF will screen comedy film How to Be Deadly for free, to celebrate National Canadian Film Day.


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