If you’re a mega-fan of On Any Sunday, then there’s good news: You can finally start repping for your favourite motorcycle movie with a new series of T-shirts.

Although Easy Rider (released in 1969) would have had greater significance to American culture at its widest (particularly because it was written as a scathing condemnation of that culture, not just as a greasy bikesploitation film), there’s a different side to On Any Sunday. Easy Rider’s fictional surface message was, “Motorcycles, and the people who ride them, are dangerous.”

On the other hand, On Any Sunday (released in 1971) was a factual look at the world of motorcycle racing and recreation, at a time when the marketeers wanted you to know you’d Meet The Nicest People On A Honda. To riders interested in the actual world of motorcycling, not just shady drug deals and Mardi Gras prostitutes, Bruce Brown’s ’71 documentary has endured as an all-time favourite film. The fact that real-life moto legends like Mert Lawwill, Malcolm Smith and even Steve McQueen are featured makes it all the better.

You could probably fairly say that since On Any Sunday, every American motorcycle documentary has been trying to re-create that formula.

Sooooo, if you love the film, here’s your chance to show that off. The people behind We Went Fast (a very cool effort in its own right) have a webstore offering licensed On Any Sunday gear. Tribute posters, quote art, stickers, and the ever-essential T-shirts, it’s all there. Dust off your credit card, and see the store here. And, it helps support We Went Fast, so your money is going to good use.


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