Minibikes: They’re lots of fun, if you don’t mind going slow. But what if you’ve got the need, the need for speed?

If you need to take your Grom to the limit (or maybe the CT125, if it actually makes it to market?), you’ll need to burn more fuel/air mixture. You can do that by putting on a big bore kit, putting in a bigger engine … or going to forced induction. But who would be crazy enough to build a supercharger for a minibike?

The people at, that’s who!

Most of the motorcycle world is concerned with mad horsepower gains for hyperbikes like the Suzuki Hayabusa by adding on aftermarket superchargers. Or, in Kawasaki’s case, adding them to production models, like the upcoming Z H2. However, there are still some out there in the aftermarket world who believe in delivering power to the people, and that’s where comes in. The site sells superchargers for small-capacity motorcycles, specifically aimed at either the 50 cc or 125 cc segments.

The supercharger for the 50 cc range comes fully-assembled (you still have to install it, of course). The 125 cc supercharger comes as more of a DIY kit; you get the parts, and put them together yourself. There’s a rundown of each kit and its components here. Pricing is $499 for the 50 cc kit, and $699 for the 125 cc kit. You can see a simulated assembly video below:

Of course, this is really just silly fun, as no supercharger is going to turn your 50 or 125 into a firebreathing tire-burner. But, if you’ve got a long winter of no riding ahead, and a few hundred bucks to spend, what could go wrong?

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