With the COVID pandemic still moving through the US, times are difficult.  And when people directly responsible for helping stop the virus are victimized, some people stand up to right the wrong.

That’s what happened with Mercedes Suarez from San Antonio, Texas.  She is a nurse and spends long hours in the hospital helping patients and fighting COVID.

But one of her other passions is motorcycling.   So much so that Mercedes and her stepfather spent many hours restoring her 2004 Kawasaki 250 Ninja to ridable condition.  Unfortunately, her pride and joy was recently stolen.  And although later recovered, the thieves had damaged the bike beyond repair.  Not only was the bike a personal loss, but it was also her sole means of transportation back and forth to the hospital.

nurse suarez ninja 250

Mercedes on her restored Kawasaki Ninja 250 before it was stolen.

When a local TV station covered her story, Alamo Cycle Plex dealer Dave Sears jumped into action.  He first made a few calls to get his Kawasaki partners to give him the green light.  And he got it.

Finding Nurse Mercedes Suarez

After a few social media shout outs, Sears was able to get Mercedes’ phone number.  He called Mercedes her and asked if she would like a brand new 2019 Kawasaki Ninja for free.  At first, Mercedes though it was a joke.  But Sears was ultimately able to convince her that the offer was real.

Nurse stolen bike donation

Nurse Mercedes Suarez sits astride her new bike donated by Alamo Cycle Plex after hers was stolen. Photo credit: Powersports Business

When Mercedes arrived at the dealership, her new bike was waiting for her.  Alamo also fitted an Akrapovic’ exhaust, frame sliders and a tank pad to Suarez’s new machine.  Mercedes was thrilled with her new bike.  She was quoted as saying:

“I plan to ride it until I can’t anymore — until I’m sick, or 80, or something. Even then, someone should put me in a sidecar so I could keep riding.” – Mercedes Suarez via Powersports Business

This is a great story with great people.  Nurses working the front lines against COVID and motorcycle people helping motorcyclists.  Bravo to both!

You can find a brief news video of the story by clicking here.  

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