We’ve already shown you several moto masterpiece drawings by Oberdan Bezzi.  Now, Bezzi is delivering another beautiful moto image.  This time, it’s a derivative of Yamaha’s latest adventure bike, the Ténéré 700.  One look will likely have you drooling.

Although Bezzi designs create longing and lust in many people, most of his designs never make it to “production”.  But that may not be the case in this instance.

This time, Bezzi has teamed with an Italian custom build shop called Gessi Motociclette to build a limited number of “Ténéré 700 Rally Racer” bikes.  According to the company’s Facebook page, Gessi is already working on the Bezzi inspired rally racer.

Bezzi Gessi Tenere 700

Italian magazine Insella.it, says Bezzi’s design will come to life as a “limited series”, highly customizable machine dedicated to rally competitions and extreme off-road use.

The Ténéré 700 Rally Racer will use high-spec components.  The chassis and supporting structures will be completely redesigned.  You can expect that the final product will come with an upgraded suspension with more travel.  The swingarm, linkage, brakes, and exhaust will also be new.

Since the bike is to be a rally machine, it will come with two separate fuel tanks made of aluminum.  To keep the bike’s overall weight down, its bodywork will be fabricated from carbon fiber and kevlar.

Bezzi Gessi Tenere 700

You’ll also have your choice of finishes on the bike.   You’re not limited to the choices you see in the pictures here.  Although the final “production” bike may not look exactly as Bezzi envisions, it could be a very tasty machine.

There’s no word on pricing.  But you can bet that it will not be cheap.





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