Off road riding in Europe can be a little tricky sometimes. Places like Germany and Austria are very strict about motorcycles off road, whereas Eastern and Southern European countries are usually a lot more relaxed about it. It depends where you go, and as a general rule of thumb, always be sure to ask the locals if the trail you want to ride is open to motorcyclists.

If you’re headed to Europe and want to ride off-road as much as possible, the Trans Euro Trail website is probably your best bet. The TET is a network of ff-road tracks crisscrossing Europe from South to North and West to East, and it’s completely free to use – the idea is similar to the Trans America Trail.

If you’re looking for some general off-road riding in Europe tips, here are a few destinations where you can still drop off the radar – legally.

Latvia, Lithuania, Poland

True, Latvia and Lithuania are tiny – and sort of flat – but there’s plenty of off-road riding available here. Sandy tracks in pine forests, dirt trails meandering across meadows and woods, free camping near lakes and rivers – if this sounds like your kind of adventure, head to the Baltics. In Poland, you can enjoy all that plus some mountain trails and rolling hills.

Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro

Southern Europe is all about breathtaking mountain views and rocky trails. Riding off-road in Serbia, Croatia and Montenegro is still legal, so you can disappear into the wild for as much as you like and go exploring!

Portugal, Greece, Spain

For best off-road routes in Portugal, Greece, and Spain, check out the TET website, but generally, these three countries still offer some amazing off-road riding, especially in the mountains. Add friendly and generous locals, affordable fuel and accommodation prices, and great food, and you’ve got yourself a perfect adventure recipe.

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