There is a definite lean towards rally styled bikes in Europe and it is also happening in the US and Australia too. Because of this companies like Rade Garage are one of the go to sources to assist you along with this styling trend.

…but the more you look at rally styling on the front of a bike, the more you might question if is it going to work for you? If your motorcycle is ridden more like a dual sport and less like a race bike, you may wonder if the components will hold up to ‘your style of riding’…ahem…crashing!

I chatted with the guys at Rade Garage recently about their new offerings in Carbon Fiber and if it was for the masses, the answer is a definitive yes!

Why are you now using Carbon/Composite?

We always used Carbon and composites for our Dakar Rally riders/customers. They never failed there, despite many crashes. We wanted to bring the benefits of light weight, high strength, and firmness to everyone. We started with Carbon towers for KTM EXC/Husky FE tower followed by KTM 790. Customer feedback was great, so we decided to switch all our products. Carbon and composite are used in Formula 1, Aerospace and other high demand applications.

We have designed ourselves all the components we use from day one. Not relying on others, like KTM for windshields, provides full control over supply chain, which has proven to be especially important during the Covid crisis. Not only are we able to manufacture and keep items in stock, but we also don’t have to make any compromises by mating two different parts. We design so it fits perfectly and we can modify anything as needed.

What are the benefits of a Carbon Fiber rally tower?

The motorcycle is lighter where it matters most – up front and high, resulting in better control and riding characteristics. Composite materials do not have the same issue with vibrations as Aluminum/Dural, which overtime suffers micro cracks, especially in bends. We learned all of this from the Dakar Rallies and the proof is in other applications like mountain bike frames or car racing.

How does it compare in strength/ weight to Aluminum or steel?

Our Aluminum tower weights 1400g/ 3.09lb compared to 600g/ 1.3lb made from Carbon. The Carbon tower has different number of composite layers and fibers to get the best combination of strength, firmness, and weight. It also allows us to insert reinforcements between the layers where it matters – like using stainless steel inserts where the tower is mounted to the frame or additional layers where lights and navigation bar are mounted. Alu/steel towers don’t allow this level of engineering.

These changes allow us to offer a lifetime guarantee.

Model availability and years?

All of the bikes we support 😊

KTM 790/890 – all years

KTM EXC/Husqvarna FE  – 2017 and newer***

Husqvarna 701 Enduro – all years

KTM 690 Enduro R – 2019 and newer


***The Husqvarna FE NEW Rally kit fits to FE 350/450/501 models Y2020-21. The rally kit was designed mainly to fit the 12L acerbis tank. We had other installations including the IMS and OEM tank with slight modifications. But we cannot guarantee fit with other tanks.

***The KTM EXC Rally kit fits to KTM EXC 350/450/500 model Y2017+ Unfortunately it cannot be modified to older models. The kit was designed mainly to fit 12L tank from Powerparts catalogue (no.79607913133) and for 12L Acerbis tank. We cannot guarantee fit with other tanks.


We created a special upgrade kit for our previous K4/F4 KTM and Husky customers that has much lower price point. We are always trying to keep current customers in mind and where possible offer upgrades that reuse previous parts. This saves them $.

The new KTM 690 and 701 Carbon rally kits are priced at US$1489. We feel this is very competitive even when compared to Aluminum rally kits. The reason why we can have the lower price point is due to our own design and manufacturing of the sophisticated molds. They make the manufacturing process simpler, with much higher quality and finish.

The control over the process also lets us to offer the lifetime guarantee.


You made some “abuse” test videos?

We wanted to show the abuse these products can take to eliminate any concerns or hesitations. And we had a lot of fun doing it!


If you have any further questions jump on their website or email them directly for a quick response, these guys love to talk motorcycles and the passion shows through in the top quality products they produce, they are an asset to the ADV community.

Website –

Instagram – radegarage

ADVrider – threads/ contact page

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