The organizers of the Dakar Rally have posted some amazing photos on their website.  ASO, the rally’s organizers have chosen to post what they think are the best photos of the 2021 Dakar Rally (link).

It’s an amazing collection of photographs of not just the racing action but also of the rally’s triumphs and failures.  Of course, there are plenty of racing action shots, but this collection goes further.

We get some looks at the behinds the scenes action.  Things that don’t make the TV coverage but are of significance.   From the mundane, like racer’s clothing drying on a clothesline, to the intense work of the support team and mechanics working to ensure their racer gets to the finish.

Dakar Rally behind the scenes

Browsing through the photos gives you an idea of the intensity, difficulty, and teamwork that goes on behind the scenes.  And that is something that is often forgotten in the mainstream world of corporate teams and big sponsorships.

As amazing as the racing action is, the behind the scenes action is just as captivating.  And perhaps even more captivating.  The toil, pain, and triumphs of the Dakar are all part of this excellent photo montage.

Each of the photos has a hidden caption telling you what the photo is about and, often, who the persons are.  If you are browsing on your computer, all of the captions are hidden until you point to the bottom of the photo.  This ensures that the caption doesn’t obscure the photo.  It’s a thoughtful touch.

If you are a fan of the Dakar, or even better, not a fan of the Dakar, you owe it to yourself to browse through this amazing collection of photographs.  In my opinion, these photos are a genuine reflection of the spirit of the Dakar.  Once you’ve gone through the photos, let everyone know what you think of them.



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