Well unfortunately, my sources at Yamaha were correct.  It’s official.  The new Tenere’ 700 will not be available in North America until the second half of 2020 as an early release 2021 model.  Going to the Tenere’ 700’s dedicated web page brings you to a picture of a rider spinning up the rear wheel in a desert like setting.  A box to the right of the picture reads:

“THE NEXT HORIZON IS YOURS  A lightweight, no compromise adventure bike with outstanding reliability opens up a new world of possibilities.”

Then they show the kicker.  “Available 2nd half 2020”.  Yamaha cites different government standards and factory production schedules as reasons for the delay.

The Tenere 700 is an intriguing machine and on its face, looks like a winner.  But with this announcement, I must say I am hugely disappointed.

Europe and Australia/New Zealand will get the machine next year as a early release 2020 model.  For more details about the machine watch the video below.

Will you be willing to wait for this bike?

(This story has been edited to indicate that the Tenere’ 700 will be available in Europe and Australia/New Zealand in 2020 which was erroneously omitted from the original story).

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