Even if you love going old school and use maps, no maps at all, or trust natural navigation methods, some of the online route mapping tools and apps can be a great resource when planning your journey.

GPX Downloads

It’s a lot of fun to pore over maps and scour Google Earth for cool tracks to ride or make a list of must-see places and then connect them using the most scenic routes available. But sometimes, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Some of the online GPX sharing platforms offer free track downloads straight to your GPS unit, no fuss, no muss.

Wikiloc is a popular GPX sharing file, where you search for the country or region you’re interested in, see what other people have to say about your chosen tracks, download them, and ride them. And if you veer off the beaten path, don’t forget to record and share your journey!

ADV Tracks is similar to Wikiloc, but it also has the option to upload photos, videos and ride reports as well as get in touch with other members. Check it out if you want some more detailed information on the tracks.

Open Source Maps

Open Source Maps is a fantastic online route mapping tool because it’s constantly updated, so you will always have the newest information. Open Source can be used directly in your GPS unit.

If you rely on phone navigation, Maps Me is a great way to stay connected even when you’re offline. Maps Me provides accurate route information even when there is no phone service.


iOverlander, a route and travel app for long-distance riders and drivers, is hands-down the king of apps for RTW travel. Not only you’ll find invaluable route information, but also recommendations for places to stay, mechanics, campsites, and a lot more. iOverlander is constantly updated by travelers, so you’ll always know which hotels have safe motorcycle parking and fast WiFi, which roads to avoid, and which motorcycle service shops to trust on the way.


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