Today, the concept of “work” is not necessarily associated with a workplace anymore.

In an age where influencers and bloggers are considered as entrepreneurs, anybody can really work from anywhere.

The internet offers a variety of different jobs that one can perform while on the move. Certainly, there are more “traditional” ways you can make some little cash while on the road, like waiting tables, teaching your native language, working in hostels, etc.

But these “old ways” somehow require a person to be settled in one location, while these “new” online jobs don’t.
As far as you have an internet connection and a mobile device or laptop, you are good to go. Here are some of the most popular online gigs:

Life of an influencer. Credit:


Becoming an influencer on Instagram is the job of the decade but it’s not as easy as it seems. Aside from the type of content you want to generate, “the gram” is a great platform to expand business relationships since nowadays pretty much any company/individual has an Instagram page. Income out of Instagram is generated “indirectly”, meaning that the deals that a person obtains with companies are separated from the platform itself. This means that Instagram will not pay you for the kind of content you generate, or if you have 1 million followers. Instead, companies will, eventually, if interested to promote their products on your page.


Charly talking his way out of getting bogged. Credit:


Seems rhetorical, but Youtube is actually the only social media platform that pays its creators; hence, if you want to share your journey on a motorcycle and make a little cash, this may be the one to go for. There are something like 2-3 billions users on Youtube so there is indeed a great market here.

To start becoming a creator, you need to have at least 1000 subscribers. Once you reach a good number of views, on one of your proprietary videos, youtube will place ads on it and you’ll start to earn money. A creator is able to monetize his/her own video only if it doesn’t contain copyrighted content (eg: the last Jay-z song).
Obviously tagging and video titles are very important for this platform, so choosing the right ones is a crucial aspect of engaging the spectators’ attention.

Creating content on youtube is not easy though since quality standards have raised in the past decades. Video editing requires a bit of skill and, for most people, a lot of time to organize video storage and rendering. It may actually require some extra time to get a hold of this system if you are not too IT savvy.


The counterpart of vlogging (youtube), is blogging. Creating a blog and sharing your stories can generate an income as well; if your website attracts a lot of views and clicks, you can make money out of it, the same way youtube does. This phenomenon is called “monetizing” your blog.

You get paid based on numbers of clicks and views on pages where ads are visible. Most of the times you can use Google Ads to monetize your site and they will pay you directly to an account of your choice.

Motorcycle magazines

In case one of your skills is actually writing, you can contact some motorcycle magazines and promote your story; some of these have a “travelers” section that constantly requires some new content.  It is not so immediate to obtain this kind of gig, but usually “knocking” at all possible doors will eventually work. Most of the people usually start writing for free and eventually get booked for a more permanent role only after some time.

User testing

There are some websites that will pay you for testing…websites. Companies, before releasing new portals online, require some testing from actual users to be able to find flaws and navigation issues. So, there are actually companies that will pay you for your time and effort, like;  for 20-30 min of testing, they will pay you $10. Testing usually involves some sort of feedback, and your whole experience will be recorded remotely through an app, installed on your laptop or mobile device.


If you are an amateur or even a professional photographer you can definitely give this one “a shot”. is an online platform that allows users to share their photographic work (photos and videos) and put it up for sale. Again, the quality here is a must and It may take a while to get going, but this is definitely a good way to generate some money remotely, doing something you love.


This is a platform that allows users to take online courses about different subjects. Courses are usually pretty cheap and there are millions of users already taking advantage of this great service. All you have to do is record your course, whatever is your field of expertise, and share it. Clearly, this system requires also a certain skill in video making and production, but there’s nothing that a little bit of youtube and googling can’t solve.


If you are into graphic designs, writing, coding etc, fivers can help you generating some cash with small jobs. It may not seem like too much at first sight but, earning $20 a day for a 2-3 hour job (or maybe less) could mean braking even with your expenses for the day.

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