The organizers at Backcountry Discovery Routes have announced the non-profit group’s next project. This year, they’re planning a route through Wyoming.

This winter, rumours started circulating that BDR organizers were planning to head to Wyoming this year, to chart a route there. Local journos reported county officials were looking at raising funds to help make it happen, and the Wyoming Office of Outdoor Recreation was also involved.

It looks like the proposed deal went ahead. Now, the BDR website shows the organization is indeed planning a route through Wyoming.

This route will be the 11th BDR. For those unfamiliar with the state, Wyoming presents some interesting possibilities. Almost half of the state is public land (48 percent). The proposed route will go through high desert regions, gorges, traverse five different mountain ranges, and take riders to the summits of three 11,000-foot mountains.

Organizers say the new route will debut next January, so you could theoretically travel the WYBDR as early as summer of 2022.

As always, BDR organizers will release a feature-length documentary about the first expedition along the WYBDR, put together by Noren Films. Butler Maps will help develop a waterproof map of the route; GPS tracks and other travel information will be posted to the BDR website, free for riders who wish to explore the route themselves.

The Backcountry Discovery Routes originally started in the western US back in the early 2010s. The earliest routes headed through states like Arizona, Utah, or Colorado. Over the past couple of years, BDR organizers turned east, with the Mid Atlantic and North East routes going up the Atlantic coast. When the North East route ended, some riders wondered: Would BDR organizers start pushing onwards into Canada, with both Quebec and New Brunswick easily accessible from the end of the Maine route?

Turns out, the answer is no. Visit the BDR website for more details!

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