During a recent teleconference, the Board of Directors for Laconia Motorcycle Week made a decision.  The meeting was to decide whether the rally will go on as originally scheduled.  As of now, the rally will take place as expected.  But the Board will make a final decision no later than April 30, 2020.  The current schedule calls for the rally to occur from June 13st to June 21.  If necessary, organizers say that August 22, to August 30 will be the new date.

Saying that the health and wellness of rally attendees is their top priority, the Board is optimistic that the rally dates will not change.  The Board of Directors will continue to meet for the next two to three weeks and will continue to maintain communication with local and state officials.

Laconia Motorcycle Week

The Laconia Motorcycle Week bills itself as the world’s oldest motorcycle rally.

Any/all updates will be posted on www.laconiamcweek.com and all their social media channels and using LaconiaMCWeek.

Charlie St. Clair, the Executive Director for Laconia Motorcycle Week Association said:

 “This could be a huge boost for morale of not just motorcycle enthusiasts but everyone in the region.  This event brings millions of dollars to the state. Not only that, we’ll have been cooped up inside for over a month. What better way to tell the world we’re returning to normal when we hear the familiar June roar of motorcycles returning to Weirs Beach?”

Laconia Motorcycle week bills itself as the oldest motorcycle rally in the world.  The first rally kicked off in 1916.  Over the years, it has grown into a huge event bringing millions of dollars to the State of New Hampshire.

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