The organizers of Overland Expo have just announced a new charitable foundation, started to help promote overland travel, to give back to the community, and to protect off-road rights.

The new effort will be called the Overland Expo Foundation (sensibly enough). Here’s what the Expo’s press release email had to say about it: “From protecting public lands to defending conscientious overland travelers’ right to explore, the Overland Expo Foundation will work to advance the tenets of the overlanding community through targeted charitable giving.” Jessica Kirchner, who’s now the executive director of the new foundation, said “Overland Expo Foundation was established to ensure that overland travel remains accessible and sustainable for generations to come.

To do so, the Foundation will look at causes that protect access to public lands, and preserve them and defend the use of overland vehicles (they mean 4x4s) and adventure motorcycles. It’s also going to pursue trail restoration and clean-ups, cultural understanding initiatives, and sustainable energy and transportation technologies. And, it wants to help people give back through their overland adventures. 

According to the press release, individuals and 501C3 organizations can now apply through the Foundation’s website to access funding. According to the presser, “To be considered, applicants will need to provide a mission statement, goals, and details of the nature of the charitable project. Furthermore, applicants will need to indicate the dollar fund amount requested. The deadline for submitting applications is August 1, 2020.” If you want too apply or donate to the organization’s funds, you can find more details at its website. Along with its online donation system, the Foundation also raises funds through raffles at Overland Expo events.

Find more information about Overland Expo and its events here. This year, there are three main Expo events: West, Mountain West, and East.

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