The coronavirus pandemic might have wreaked havoc on Overland Expo’s plans for 2020, but the shows are back on for 2021—and now, you can buy your tickets.

With COVID-19 making in-person rallies impractical, dangerous, or even illegal, Overland Expo moved its shows online for 2020. That’s obviously a bummer for those people who bought tickets to the physical events, but Overland Expo allowed them to “roll over” their tickets to 2021.

As for the rest of us, Overland Expo has opened ticket sales to all three of its  events. Remember, the schedule is a bit upside-down this year. The OX season opens with the Overland Expo Mountain West gathering, in Loveland, Colorado, running August 27-29. From there, organizers plan the Overland Expo West show (the original show, and the one that usually opens the season in May) on September 24-26 in Flagstaff, Arizona. From there, OX organizers head east to Arrington, Virginia, where Overland Expo East runs October 8-10.

For more details on those individual shows, check out Overland Expo’s announcement here. Remember that the show organizers have planned anti-COVID screening measures this year, and no doubt the later-in-the-season show dates are planned as an attempt to dodge the pandemic.

As for those people who already bought tickets for 2020 and plan to use them for 2021, Overland Expo’s website says “If you rolled over your ticket from a 2020 event, you should have already received a confirmation from our new ticketing provider for the 2021 event and do not need to re-register. If you did not receive this confirmation, please email us.” For more information, check out

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