Both the eastern and western versions of the Overland Expo rally have been sold to Lodestone Events.

The Overland Expo events got their start in 2009, founded by Roseann and Jonathan Hanson, a husband/wife team with backgrounds as journalists, conservationists and of course, overland travelers. Originally, there was a single Overland Expo event in Arizona, but as that rally grew, organizers realized there was room for a second event in the eastern US. Since 2014, that’s meant an Overland Expo EAST has been held in the Appalachians in the fall and an Overland Expo WEST has been held in Arizona in the spring.

While Overland Expo events were not restricted to motorcycles (the grounds were filled with 4×4 rigs every year), many two-wheeled travelers attended, meeting up with fellow riders, taking rider training, or partaking in the how-to seminars that filled the days at the Expo weekends.

This year, Overland Expo WEST runs May 17-19 in Flagstaff, Arizona, and the eastern version will run sometime in October.

What does the switch in ownership mean? The press release doesn’t talk much about future changes but does say “We see significant opportunity to grow the events from their already strong foundation.” Lodestone Events was formed by Lindsay Hubley and Jessica (Hubley) Kirchner, who come from a background with Family Events, which ran such events as the 4-Wheel Jamboree Nationals, Off-Road Expo, Jeep Invasion and Hot Bike Tour. Between the two of them, they’re supposed to have decades of experience producing these sorts of shows, and no doubt they’ll use that expertise to bring Overland Expo forward.

But for now, the Hansons are still around, as consultants, and the new owners say they will “help maintain the original version of the event.” So don’t worry, things shouldn’t change too much.

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