If you like adventure/overland movies, or if you’re a filmmaker in this genre, there’s good news: Overland Expo has confirmed it will run the Overland Film Festival at all three of its in-person events this year.

Overland Expo has had film screenings and festivals at its events before; Austin Vince and Lois Pryce presented the Adventure Travel Film Festival at the 2013 OX event in Arizona, and more recently, OX has run the Overland Film Festival at its events. That’s returning for 2021. As per OX’s latest press release:

We are happy to announce that the Overland Film Festival presented by Yakima will be happening at all three Overland Expo events, IN PERSON, in 2021! We have received a ton of great film submissions, but we are still on the lookout for a few short and long-form feature films to show on Friday and Saturday nights.

If you are a filmmaker and have a film that you think would be a good fit for the Overland Film Festival, submit your application. If you are simply a fan of a film and think other overlanders would enjoy it, you can nominate a film for the festival too! We will help secure the screening rights and you can even introduce the film at an event.

So, if you’ve been working on an adventure riding short film or feature, now’s your big chance to show it. You’ve had all sorts of time to get the edit done, thanks to COVID lockdowns, right?

At this point, the only films we’ve seen confirmed for the Overland festival is a selection of shorts from the 5Point Adventure Film Festival. You can see a write-up on those films here—they’re mostly very earth-friendly, kayaking/sandal-wearing/rock-climbing/etc type of films (but not all). With that in mind, a healthy injection of adventurous moto-films could be just what the Overland Film Festival needs!

For more details on how to submit your own film, see the festival’s website here. You can also nominate someone else’s film, if you don’t have your own work to submit:

We are always on the lookout for new films to feature during the Overland Film Festival. Apply for any show: West, Mtn. West, East.

As the filmmaker representing your own film, you can briefly introduce the film before the screening.

As a fan of a film, you can nominate it—we will help to secure screening rights. You will have the option to introduce the film and briefly explain why you love it.

This year, Overland Expo plans to run an in-person event in Loveland, Colorado on August 27-29. There’s a second event September 24-26 near Flagstaff, Arizona, the Expo’s original base. Finally, there’s an October 8-10 event in Arrington, Virginia. Before entering the events this year, OX requires medical screening to prevent the spread of COVID-19—see more about that here.

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