As the countries around the world are slowly opening up, the travel trend predictions of 2021 may be coming true. However, for overlanders, few options are still viable: most  South American land borders remain closed, more and more Asian countries are requiring proof of vaccine to be granted entry, and Europe is still undecided. Perhaps no wonder that several RTW riders are turning to Africa this year: Kinga “On Her Bike” Tanajewska has returned to Southern Africa and is currently riding Zambia with no difficulty crossing borders and getting around:

According to Kinga, she isn’t planning to leave Africa any time soon. Having ridden from Australia to Europe and from Europe to South Africa via the Eastern route, Kinga plans to eventually ride back North via the Western side – but when that will be, remains unknown, at least for now.

Overlading in 2021: Is Africa the Next Big Destination? //ADV Rider

On Her Bike: Kinga Tanajewska

Itchy Boots, another intrepid world traveler, is also in Africa right now. Having bought a Honda CRF in Cape Town, Noraly is exploring South Africa.

Several other riders I’ve talked to who either left their bikes in Africa before the pandemic hit or were planning to ride here as soon as it was possible are considering going as early as this summer; chances are, if African land borders remain open, more overlanders may flock here to escape strict border policies and vaccine passports at home.

When the Moroccan land border opens or, alternatively, when I find a cheap shipping option to Cape Town, I too plan to ride Africa next – it’s long overdue, and I’m not sure I can handle another winter in Europe.

What’s your take – is Africa a great overloading destination for 2021, or should we all just hold off a little longer and travel domestically before the pandemic is well and truly over? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Featured image: On Her Bike

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