More and more manufacturers are moving towards electric motorcycles.  And it seems that the number of “boutique” electric motorcycle manufacturers is on the rise.  One such company is OX Motorcycles.  A small Spanish company, OX is offering four different models of electric motorcycles.  The models are OX One, Montecarlo, Tokyo, and Patagonia.  The first three bikes are street bikes and take on a classic cafe racer style look.

Patagonia OX

But the OX says its Patagonia is for off-road use.  On the surface, it looks quite similar to the other models.  But OX says that the Patagonia is:

Thought for the most adventurous plans, OX One Patagonia is designed so that no environment stops you.

Explore new horizons with OX One Patagonia, your 100% electric motorcycle, designed to achieve maximum comfort in any environment.  [Translated from Spanish]

For those off-road trips, the Patagonia has an “8kW In-Hub Motor”.  OX says that the bike weighs in at 140kg (308 lbs), has a 110 KM/H (68 MPH) top speed, and a range of 100 KM (62 miles).


Powering the bike is two swappable 72V 30Ahr batteries with a handle.  To swap the batteries, you open a compartment at the side of the bike and slide out the battery using the handle.  Each battery weighs a claimed 14kg.  According to OX, they can be charged from any household outlet in 2 hours.

Patagonia OX

Braking comes in the form of two discs, one on each end of the bike.  OX says it uses the best materials and that the bike’s bodywork is made from aluminum.  Unfortunately, OX does not provide many important specs like front and rear travel, suspension adjustability, seat height, etc.

The Patagonia also comes with an electronic system called ELISA.  OX says the system connects to your mobile phone and enhances your experience through the use of AI (artificial intelligence).


The Patagonia ELISA system will connect to your mobile phone.

All of OX’s various models are currently available for pre-order with a €150 ($180) deposit and a final price of €5,990 ($7,225).  Deliveries will begin in September 2021.






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