You hear about certain products and then see others using them and it just seems natural they are widely available, everywhere, but how does that happen?

I was chatting with Brian owner of Pacific Powersports about cherry-picking products for adventure riders, having the foresight for something that might never have been seen in the US if it wasn’t for companies like his.

Being part of the show circuit of motorcycle products for wholesale and retail customers alike Brian would take the time to look for new innovative products that he saw had a future in the adventure segment of the motorcycle world.

The main one, of course, is Motoz Tires, a brand so many ADVriders now use, but unlikely many know the back story of how those tires got to North America, and are now such a big part of our sport…this is that story



Tell us about Pacific Powersports, how long have you been in business?

Bill Michels and I started Pacific Powersports in 2002 with the creation of the Quad Works ATV Power Kits. It was a great product at that time with a K&N air filter, an Outerwears Prefilter, and a Dynojet jet kit. I handled the sales and marketing and Bill handled the operations. ( orders, accounting, shipping/receiving, etc.) Quad Works and Cycle Works are still here today but with just replacement seat covers.

Most people might not realize you are the reason we have Motoz tires in the US, how did that come about?

I met Rick Atkinson, the founder of Motoz, in 2008 at the Intermot motorcycle show in Cologne Germany. He had a booth and I was very impressed with the designs, quality, and off-road focus.

Rick wanted to get into the US market but was having difficulties getting in. He did the Dealer Expo in Indianapolis a couple of times and was shipping samples to interested riders via DHL from Australia.

We had a warehouse in Murrieta California so we offered to stock a couple of pallets with us. We could easily ship samples and even sell a few. Long story short: we started with two pallets twelve years ago and we are now getting 40ft containers on a regular basis.


Are you the sole importer of Motoz tires

Yes, Pacific Powersports is the exclusive importer and distributor for the US.
A side note about Motoz. It is spelled with a small z. ( Motoz ) and has been pronounced in a few ways. The home office in Australia pronounce it “Mo-Taws” / “Mo-tOZ”, and we pronounce it “Mo-Toes”.

Many people say “Moto-Zee” which is not correct.


If a rider wanted to try Motoz tires but their local shop didn’t sell them how could you help? 

If a rider’s local shop doesn’t stock Motoz the shop can easily set up an account and order them from us. There is no “buy-in”, just 4+ tires ship free.

If a dealer wants to try Motoz we will offer a one time discount. If the local dealer does not want to support Motoz the rider can easily order them online directly from us, or from larger Motoz dealers like Rocky Mountain, Chaparral, Slavens Racing, etc.


Anything new coming in from Motoz? 

The newest Motoz products are the smaller bike (500cc and less) front tires. There is a new and improved Tractionator Enduro I/T 90/90-21, the Tractionator Enduro S/T 90/90-21, and the all-new Tractionator Enduro S/T 90/100-21 FATTY.

For Adventure bikes the Tractionator RallZ is the newest in the range. It is considered a 80/20 (dirt/street). Compared to the very popular Tractionator Adventure, the RallZ has more space between the knobs and the knobs are 2mm taller.

Tractionator Adventure


Rallz, ***NOTE” the offset of the blocks, and the difference in block layout and size of the front


Pacific Powersports not only deals with tires but a selection of products, what are they?

In addition to Motoz, we are the exclusive importer and distributor for Zac Speed (configurable hydration backpacks)


Ventura, luggage systems 



Falco Boots from Italy

Haan Wheels

…and the manufacture of two of our own product lines, Quad Works and Cycle Works seat covers


High Roller tie-downs and HighRoller Tie Bar

Bar_w-kicker installed


Haan Wheels are well known to racers can you elaborate a little more about them and why so many racers use them?

Haan Wheels from the Netherlands produce billet aluminum hubs and are considered the strongest and lightest hubs on the market. They pair their hubs with 4mm stainless steel spokes and Excel rims. On the motocross track or in the middle of the desert a wheel failure can be avoided by upgrading the weaker OEM wheels with Haan Wheels.


Where are you located, most people buy online but can they stop by and collect parts as well?

Pacific Powersports was started in Murrieta California then to a larger warehouse in Temecula California. After four years of growth in Temecula, we needed a larger warehouse so we purchased a 15,000+ sq ft building in Ontario Oregon. (it is one hour west of Boise Idaho.)

We still have a presence in Temecula with a small warehouse and office but all the shipping is now done from Ontario, OR.

Customers are always welcome to stop in, however it is best to call ahead. We don’t have “store” hours and some times we don’t have stock, but our dealers do.


How do you test your products before offering them for sale, any unique methods?

All new tires are tested for quality and durability in the laboratory at the factory in Thailand. After they pass they are tested by a select group of riders in Australia and the US.


Do you have a product in your line that you feel is genius, but the public doesn’t buy too many of but you feel they should, could you highlight that? 

The Zac Speed product line is genius. Many riders (myself included) like to wear chest protectors and hydration backpacks. However the two products really never work well together.

With Zac Speed, you are able to configure and add front components to the hydration backpack. They fit and work perfectly together.


There are five different size hydration backpacks and front options like chest protectors, tech vest, and a POV harness. I wish I had this product years ago!


How many different unique products do you sell?

We have seven unique product lines: Motoz, Zac Speed, Ventura, Haan, Falco, Quad Works/Cycle Works, and High Roller, and are always looking for more.




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