The Euro crackdown on overly noisy motorcycles continues, with the police in Paris, France, now establishing a task force that’s intended to seek out loud pipes and deal with them.

The news of the French flying squad comes just on the heels of news from the UK, where noise cameras (basically, an automatic camera that takes photos of offending vehicles with loud pipes, and mails tickets to the owners) have been undergoing testing in the southern parts of the country. Clearly, the war on loud pipes is ramping up.

The noise cameras were also undergoing testing in France not long ago, with reports back in September that the units had been seen undergoing evaluation in Paris. What became of those tests, we’re not sure (perhaps there was no room to install them amidst the existing mess of surveillance cameras in the city?), but for now, it seems the Parisians are relying on their team of crack moto-cops to tackle the loud pipe problem.

According to Visordown, the anti-noise squad is 40 coppers strong; they travel around the city, using their keen law enforcement instincts to locate noise problems, and then try to address the problem. It does not appear that motorcyclists are the only target, but they’ve already nabbed 100 bikers with loud pipes, says Visordown (no word on if they’ve been given tickets).

What’s it all mean? Increased anti-noise enforcement isn’t just a problem for straight-piped choppers, as many aftermarket exhausts don’t meet noise regs either. Add in the problem of increasing emissions crackdowns, and it might not just be the Easy Rider crowd that’s being hassled by The Man in the near future—it might be the thrifty KLR rider, who used a Lexx can instead of an OEM muffler to save money.

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