The most produced motor vehicle in history may be going electric.  That’s right, Honda is working on an electric version of the venerable little transporter, the Honda Cub.

Unfortunately, we have no timeframe for the machine’s release.  All the information on the electric Cub comes from a recently published US patent application.  The application doesn’t specifically name the Cub as the recipient of the electrification.  But, the patent includes some drawings showing a Cub like powered two-wheeler with battery power.


Honda EV Cub Tokyo

Honda’s electric EV-Cub concept was shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2009. Photo credit: Autoblog

While we know it’s battery-powered, we don’t know much about the bike’s motor.  The patent application focuses on the battery and the mechanism for removing it.

On the positive side, we now know that the battery will be removable, which means you’ll be able to carry it with you and charge it elsewhere.  You won’t have to park your machine close to an outlet.

In addition, it also means that there is a possibility that you will be able to swap batteries easily.  Have a dead battery?  All you’ll need to do is quickly remove it and replace it with a charged spare.

And according to the patent application, the removal looks rather simple.  The battery will tilt out from between the lower frame rails, ready for removal.

Another good thing about the battery being between the frame rails is that underseat storage could still be available.  With the current Cub’s bodywork, that space will not be gigantic.  But it could still hold smaller items.

If Honda’s electric Cub does make it to production, it will be interesting to see what size motor Honda will choose to power the most popular motor vehicle in history.

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