Honda has filed a patent application for a helmet.  That might seem a little odd, but what is even stranger is that the helmet can recognize you.  Using an integrated camera, the helmet would recognize the person wearing the helmet as the motorcycle’s owner.

Facial recognition

Why is a helmet that can recognize its owner important?  Well according to the people at Honda, this technology could control your motorcycle.

First on Honda’s list is turning the motorcycle on.  In theory, if the helmet can recognize it’s owner, it can also decide to allow the owner to start the bike without a key.

That would be interesting.  No need to carry a key and no concerns about losing that expensive keyless ignition key.  You’d simply put your helmet on and it would automatically let you start the bike.


But you have to wonder how long that helmet would be safe and what it would cost to replace it.  Under current helmet replacement recommendations, the helmet’s safe useful life may be an issue.

Unless Honda also introduces some additional technology that gives helmets a longer useful life, that “advanced technology” helmet might need to be replaced after 5 years.  With current good quality helmets costing from $200 to more than $1,000, what would a helmet with facial recognition technology cost?

Would potential buyers of such a helmet be willing to pay whatever price Honda decides is necessary for the helmet?  Would they also be happy with a helmet made by Honda and not a current helmet manufacturer with a proven safety track records?

Filing a patent application is not an indicator of whether the product will ever be produced.  But it’s interesting to see that Honda is thinking about new ways to introduce technology.


The question is, does anyone really want a helmet that recognizes its owner?  Would you be interested?  What do you see as the plusses and minuses of this helmet?

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