Norton Motorcycles‘ fairly recent history is a pretty sad story.  Under its former leadership, the brand made many promises but came through on few of them.  Many people made deposits on bikes that would never be delivered.  Ultimately, the company went bankrupt and entered administration.

While that could have meant the end of the brand once again, it’s not the case.  Indian manufacturer TVS Motors purchased the remnants of the defunct company.  And that apparently is the beginning of a new and better Norton.

Norton Motorcycles

Tom, a Senior Engineer has been into motorcycles since he was a child.

Since TVS purchased the brand, it has moved to a better-suited manufacturing facility, invested millions of dollars in production equipment and tooling, and added jobs to the community.

People make the company.

While all of that is good, it’s clear that the people that make the product are the mark of a good company.  And if company management recognizes this, there’s a good chance that the company can become successful.

Norton Motorcycles

Lauren, a Project Coordinator shown at the “Babes Ride Out UK” event.

And it seems that TVS may be one of those companies.   In a recent story on the company website, TVS tells you about some of the people involved in bringing Norton Motorcycles to life.

They tell you about six different everyday employees who make the new Norton Motorcycles possible.  You find out what they do for Norton, as well as what makes their lives fulfilling.  And it won’t take you long to see that for these people, motorcycles are their passion.

Norton Motorcycles

Richard, an Assembly Operator, loves racing and holds local and national road racing licenses.

The people you’ll meet hold jobs like project coordinator, assembly operator, sales manager, office manager, senior design engineer, senior engineer, and sub-assembly technician.

While there is a touch of marketing angle to the story, it’s nice to see that a company recognizes the people who make the product possible.  It will be interesting to see how the new Norton progresses in the future.


All photo credit: Norton Motorcycles

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