With all the 2022 motorcycles released lately, you might wonder: Where are the scooters? We’ve got news this week of two new step-throughs hitting the market, an update on the Yamaha Zuma 125 (aka the BWs 125) and a bigger-engined Piaggio MP3 400 HPE.

Yamaha Zuma 125 (BWs 125)

The Zuma 125, aka the BWs 125, is a well-known commodity, and the updated-for-2022 machine is basically the same idea. The liquid-cooled four-stroke Blue Core engine has the same bottom end, Yamaha says, but the top end now has Variable Valve Actuation—aka variable valve timing.

New asymmetrical headlights bring the Zuma up to date with the Quasimodo look that’s sweeping the naked bike scene. Photo: Yamaha

The variable valve timing system means the 125 cc single is optimized for both low-end torque and high-end revs, and also helps the scoot reach Euro5 emissions standards.

There’s a USB-A charging port under the seat, too, and updated asymmetrical headlights. Mostly, though, it’s business as usual for this scoot; US pricing is $3,699, and Canadian pricing is $4,299. Twist-and-ride that price away when it shows up in dealers in early summer.

The newly updated 400 engine makes more horsepower, and also helps the MP3 meet new emissions standards. Photo: Piaggio

Piaggio MP3 400 HPE

For years, the Piaggo MP3 350 HPE was a core piece of the comapny’s leaning three-wheel scooter lineup. Now, Euro5 is here, meaning Piaggio had to update the machine to continue selling.

Or, how about a model reboot instead? That’s where Piaggio went here, upping displacement from 330 cc to 399 cc. More cubes = mo’ powah; now, the MP3 400 HPE makes 35 horsepower (up from 30 ponies), and 27.8 pound-feet of torque. All positive things indeed, and Piaggio also includes LED lights and three-channel ABS. Piaggio also includes capability to connect your mobile device to the scoot via the MIA app, but there’s still no TFT screen, only a slightly chintzy-looking LCD.

Piaggio says the new scoot has more passenger comfort and less vibration, so that’s a bonus. The bad news is, we haven’t heard it’s coming to North America.

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