In a lot of areas this year the summer looked like it would never arrive, now it has so time for a long ride, maybe.

A lot of American riders simply don’t have a passport or no intentions of ever riding outside of the US…so how to plan that great route in the country.

The Fastest Route

If you want to do it the fastest way possible the obvious best source of information would be to track down riders who use the Iron Butt Association (IBA) as they do five different rides to be able to document your ride but no immediate help in the planning process


A mix of dirt and paved 

If you have more time and want a mix of dirt and paved routes, adding in some or all of the BDR routes would be a great plan.

Linking those BDR’s together now is easier as they have added connector routes, but might leave you lacking a good back road connector

screenshot from website

How about other states?

Mostly Paved

There is a website called Best Biking Roads which list 3528 individual routes in the US for mainly paved road riding, the easy to use website has downloadable GPX tracks to drop on your GPS or phone for navigation purposes. All routes are shown on a large map format so you can see where you are headed before you leave and other possible routes close by.

Local knowledge

Quite possibly the best source of local knowledge is right here on ADVrider in the local forums A simple post of “I’m heading to your state, where should I ride?” Will get you a multitude of answers and offers from other inmates who know their own local area better than any website ever could…and you might even get yourself a riding buddy and guide for a few days

Linking it all together

You have all your routes in each state, but how to get from one to the other with a cool route?

Check out this mapping site from Germany of all places, linked is the English version, it’s called Kurvigor  and it has a really nice feature called ‘extra curvy’ and it does the hard work for you finding those ‘extra curvy’ backroads away from cities and traffic we all love.


screenshot from website

Do you have any other sites or resources you find easy to use to plan a long ride that you can share that have helped you find great routes in the US, link them in the comments below?

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