Kim and I were chatting the other day about motorcycling.  We’ve been riding more than 40 years (gulp) and we got to thinking about how we got into the sport.  For me, it was borrowing a friend’s motorcycle.  For Kim, it was riding on the back of my bike and her decision that she’d rather ride her own.

We then wondered how everyone else got into motorcycling.  So we created this poll.  Let us know what got you into motorcycling.  We’re looking forward to seeing your results.

(Note: Poll results are given to you immediately after you make a choice. The yellow bar identifies your choice.  At the end of each bar, the percentage of times that each choice was chosen is shown. If you miss seeing the results, simply go back and click on the poll again. Your choice, as well as the percentages for all choices, will be shown again.)

Oh, and by the way.  Yes, I know I married way up!  The featured photo was taken while Kim and I were riding the Namibian desert.

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