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I am excited to announce that Photos of the Week (POTW) are back after a one year hiatus! You are probably wondering why they sent away in the first place, let me explain. This time last year COVID-19 lockdowns began, I had members of the editorial team all over the world scrambling to get home, there was a lot of uncertainty and I focused on keeping the site going at the expense of publishing POTW. A couple of months later most of the world was locked down and it seemed like it wasn’t the right time to restart POTW. Fast-forward a year later, and I feel now is the right time. Steve Thornton is our new Photo Editor and he will be running POTW going forward.

We will publish all the photos submitted last year that didn’t get published before the pause, but we need you to continue submitting photos. We are excited to publish photos from local rides, epic rides or adventures from years past. Send them in!

10 Days In Italia (Featured above)

It was 2016, in the Dolomite mountains of northern Italy (photo above), part of a 10-day tour that included a lap of Slovenia and 3 days in these rugged, picturesque Italian peaks. It’s on-road riding about as good as you can find on this planet. Photographed by @Traveller13 aboard a 2015 BMW R1200GS.

We don’t get this kind of country in Western Australia so was an epic couple of days fanging around these mountain passes.

Down from the sky

Palomar Mountain in southern California is famous for the white observatory dome and 200-inch telescope that since 1947 has provided astronomers with spectacular views of a starry sky, but @KennyBooBear found his attention drawn to earthly sights on a ride last spring. Below, he pauses for a shot on the way down from High Point on the mountain.


Thankfully during this pandemic they’ve left a few of our local trails open, and Mother’s Day saw us with highs in the very low 80s. Perfect weather for a ride.


And below here, KennyBooBear’s 2019 Royal Enfield Himalayan.

Into the snow belt

Look at that snow! @HairLipDog photographed the Lolo Pass Visitor Center with a Fujifilm X-E2 mirrorless camera in the first week of spring last year.

We had a 60° day on Sunday 3-22-2020 and I had not been out yet this year.

The pass in the Bitterroot Range of the northern Rockies is near Missoula, Montana, at an elevation just 47 feet shy of a mile. HairLipDog was riding a 2012 Yamaha Super Ténéré.

Still plenty of snow but the highway was bare and dry. Good for a 3 hour ride.

The color of heat

Florida is not known for its twisty roads, but  @desk_jockey captured an otherworldly image of a wild Florida highway with a Fuji X-E1 converted for IR while out on his 2017 Honda VFR1200X.


I try to seek out lightly traveled pavement when planning a ride, like this highway through the Osceola Wildlife Management Area west of Jacksonville. When I rode through last Sunday, this scene was just begging me to pull out the infrared camera that rides in a saddlebag.

Offroad in foggy Arizona

@TallPaulAZ  took his sense of freedom for a ride up the back side of Four Peaks in the Mazatzal Mountains east of Pheonix, Arizona, just before COVID shut things down.


The 2019 Honda CRF450L was a good mount for a wet mountain road.

As usual the Velcro-like traction after the rain did not disappoint.

Meanwhile in sunny California

Lanced with a sunbeam, @bigtodd feeds on solar energy in a lava tube as he takes a break from riding his 2009 KTM 9509 Super Enduro R “Erzberg Edition” in California’s wild and beautiful Mojave Preserve. It’s the spring of 2020, and @bigtodd is getting it while the getting is good.

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Warning signs

Out for a ride with friends a while back, @Peripatetic cools off his 2001 BMW R1150GS in a nonurban setting of Colorado.

Peripatetic’s friends rode rented KTMs, good choices for the rugged pavement in the western U.S. Paying good attention to the local reading material was smart.

We stumbled on this “road” from Crested Butte to Marble and the sign made it seem perfect.


Peripatetic also sent us this photo taken on smoother pavement about a year ago (below). It’s the world-famous Hwy 1 in northern California, obviously looking south and enjoyed on a newer bike: that R1250GS is a 2019 model.

I caught this image while on a two-day out-and-back up the coast, through Humboldt redwoods and over Ca36 to Redbluff.


Somewhere in Europe

So many roads, so few notebooks. All @Peter640 could tell us about this photo was that it was taken “somewhere” in northern Spain. There are times when details count less than the feelings your pictures evoke—like right now.


Heading to Portugal, then Morocco! Three days of crazy roads and big bends!

Peter640’s 2014 BMW RT1200GS goes by the AKA of Bison, though in Portugal that would be Bisão!

A Mexican viewscape

Heading south on Mexico 200, @Veselko  spotted this scene half an hour out of Salina Cruz and figured what it needed for scale was his 2015 Suzuki DR650.

The road is pretty twisty with shrubbery or cliff/hill on either side. This one spot has this beautiful view.

In the clutchess, and the bugsess

Taking part in a Roaming Rally in eastern Ontario. It’s May 2019, but spring is nowhere to be seen . . . and there goes the clutch. All we need to make this perfect is . . .

There’s bugs, mud, water, rain, and did I mention the black flies and mosquitoes? . . . Luckily, the rider managed to adjust the clutch cable just enough to get it into first gear and limp the bike 5 miles out of this mess.

@PackinDirt was riding a 2016 Honda XR650L and used a Kyocera Duroforce Pro phonecam to record the scene.

Brandenburg Concerto No. Falcon

@Skogs04 presumably didn’t mind the cool February air as he explored the empty roads and wide-open fields of Brandenburg state south of Berlin, where, he says, there are a lot of small villages and traffic is sparse. That well-appointed Moto Guzzi is a 1973 Nuovo Falcon.

Wide open in the high country

A 2000 Moto Guzzi Quota kept @Bikebuster 56 company and a Samsung S8 allowed him to record some of the scenes on a tour through southwest Washington and Idaho.

The back country roads through the high country south of Clarkston, Washington, were a particular treat in the middle of July.

It’s absolutely beautiful and scenic. Didn’t see more than 3 other vehicles in this area for 2 days on our way to Elk City Idaho and the Magruder trail.

Below, the remains of a fire scar the scenery along the historic Magruder trail. The dirt road is old and packed with American West history, but the corridor itself was only opened in 1980. It’s as close to “leave no trace” as you can get with internal combustion powering your butt.

Lots of hill country history thru this scenic 120 mile corridor connecting eastern Idaho to western Montana.

Where’s the T-shirt?

@The Opa rode from South Carolina to Hyder, Alaska a couple of Merry Months back and all we got was a shot of the Devil’s Tower in Wyoming—viewed here from the north through a Panasonic DMC-ZS60. Then again, he was riding this 2015 BMW R1200GS, so maybe he only stopped the one time.

Rain and wind and weather

Not quite hell-bent for leather, but on a rain-soaked June ride over Red Mountain Pass in the San Juan mountains, @Podzo’s PD and his passenger needed something better than old Rawhide for cover. The bike is a 2008 BMW R1200GSA. Photo was titled “21 ride to Pagosa with Fay,” so we’re presuming that’s Fay in front of the bike, and we’re betting she reached Pagosa dry and happy.

We are always ready for any kind of weather in the Colorado mountains.

And play on, Marty!

When he found Rosa’s Cantina on his way to Baja, California, @michaellmcc stopped to pay homage to a landmark.

Rosa’s Cantina — the embodiment of the gunslinger of the song “El Paso,” as well as the evening Marty spent whiling away the hours over a beer (perhaps). Rosa’s is on the west side of El Paso, the jumping of point for “. . . the badlands of New Mexico.”

@michaellmcc says he sepia toned the photo of Rosa’s and his 2017 BMW R1200GS Rallye for the “sake of nostalgia.” He also sent us the shot below, taken one evening on the way from Pheonix to Yuma.

This particular stretch of road is old US Highway 80; like Route 66, but farther south, Highway 80 pre-dates the Interstate Highway System. It crosses the Gila River south of Gila Bend, Arizona. The historic Gillespie Dam Bridge (particularly interesting to an engineer) was originally constructed in 1927.

The ghosts of Death Valley

Rhyolite is a ghost town in Death Valley, Nevada, photographed by David with a rented 2017 Honda Africa Twin in the foreground. He gives a shoutout to The Great Southwest Moto Adventures.

To the end of the continent

From September 2013 to April 2016 @tgh767 and companion rode this 1992 Harley-Davidson FXR through the length of South America. Photo below was taken Dec. 19, 2014, with a Canon SX210.

We rode 30,000 plus miles in South America riding 2 to 3 months at a time. We visited Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Argentina — riding all of Ruta 40, Uruguay and Brazil.

Down Under tunnel

This shot of a road tunnel in New Zealand was photographed by Vic in 2019 during a tour on a 2007 Yamaha XT660R.

One winter’s day

@Rips Millar stopped near Pyramid Lake in northern Nevada a year or so ago to photograph this 2017 KTM 1290 Super Adventure R and the lush desert scenery.

Does that tree speak French?

While riding the St. Lawrence River banks in Quebec @Oldrhesus and his buddy came across a bit of wood that was too heavy to take home for the hearth. The 2007 BMW F650GS single was his, the 2015 Suzuki DR650, his riding buddy’s.

And to all, a good . . . morning?

And for our final image of POTW this week, we leave you on a September morning just before sunrise, in Germany’s Thuringian Forest, as @Kunibert captures this 2016 Africa Twin CRF1000 DCT, a fine forest-dwelling creature.

We hope you enjoyed the first Photos Of The Week of 2021. Look out for next week’s edition and please remember to submit photos.


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