For the Featured Image of our Photos of the Week #10-21, we chose something atmospheric. Nakulmalik shot the picture above in a place many of us will probably never set a motorcycle wheel in, even those of us who are fortunate enough to ride in India.

Taken in an abandoned, illegal stone quarry located in the jungles of the Aravali Hills, India.

That’s a BMW G310 GS he’s riding in that forbidding location. These foggy pictures by @Nakulmalik suggest that in India there exist scenes of wonder and mystery that one might not find anywhere else.

The photo below is also taken in a stone quarry in India—Nakulmalik didn’t specify, but it might be the same quarry. Both pictures were taken within the last six months.

Go left young man

On any ride through California’s Humbolt Redwoods State Park it’s hard not to be wowed by the old growth forest of coast redwoods—here, presenting @Gonefishen with a choice: Which way to go? Gonefishen took this picture within the past six months and was riding a KTM 1290 Super Adventure.

I grew up in the redwoods but I just can’t get enough of them. Great place to camp in the fall.

Ahh, Switzerland! Ah, maybe not . . .

The BMW 1200 GS pictured below is actually an F800 GS, and those Swiss Alps in the background are really, really far in the Swiss background, because they’re at the northern end of the South Island, which is New Zealand. Definitely photographed by Scottzac45, who took the picture more than three years ago and wrote just now to inform me that I got it wrong. Again. You’re not the first, Scottzac45, so don’t gloat. But do send more pix. Send one from Switzerland of a 1200 GS!

Pair of Hondas

On Hwy 1091 from Nan to Phayao in northern Thailand, @Tjilpi photographed this 2017 Rebel and 2020 NV750X enjoying the view. That NV has a lot of crash protection. The photo was taken more than six months ago.

Other side of the world

Unless you’re leaving the planet, you can hardly get farther away from Thailand than Washington state, a place full of mountains and glacier-fed streams. Below, @00boob parks his modified 2002 Honda XR650L above Icicle Creek in the Cascade Mountains near Leavenworth. It’s early May, 2019, and you can bet that water is cold.

Below, the Honda, which 00boob has owned since it was new, is on some of the “outstanding single-track trails in the area” in May 2021, and below that, photographed on the same ride this May, the Honda and his buddy Al’s 2020 Husqvarna TE250i.

And, last shot from 00boob, Sugarloaf peak lookout tower, 9/11/2019, the 18th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. It’s just west of the Washington BDR and is one of the Discovery points listed here. All of 00boob’s photos were taken within 30 miles of each other. “It’s a great place to ride!”


It was more than a few years ago that @Bomose took his 2001 Kawasaki KLR650 up Kendal Mountain to enjoy the view of Silverton, Colorado (below), from the lofty heights.


A solo trip to break-in a new 2017 Honda Africa Twin took @Krider1 to Alamo Lake State Park (below) in Arizona.

A Deadly Rescue

Eight men died building the historic Shannon Lakes Dam in Manawatu, on New Zealand’s lower North Island, says nightfalcon, who took the photo below on April 29 of this year. “Two died in a fire, and six others perished attempting to rescue them.” That’s his 2013 Triumph Tiger 800 XC beside the dam.

$8 Walmart instamatic

He didn’t have a thousand-dollar smart-phone camera to take the pic with, but Jcofkaty still got results when he photographed the 1996 Honda Nighthawk CB750 with a cheap camera a few years ago (below) at the junction of Hwy 168 and 95 in Nevada, near the Cottontail Ranch. It was a return trip from Katy, Texas, to San Diego, and he mentions some great roads: Krage Springs Road, the Little Dragon Road (“totally awesome”) and of course, 168, which he says was “built by either a true motorcycle genius or a drunk sailor.” Hmm, so there’s a difference?

Utah desert

That’s virgin powder, says @GISkev, who had his 20012 KTM 520 Exc out there in Utah a few months ago. “We ski virgin powder, but we also ride it!”

Morocco daze

It was the first day of a three-week ride around Morocco, says @Tjilpi, who shot this pic of his 2019 SWM 650 Adventure more than six months ago. “Superb riding!” He says he was “out from Marrakesh toward Imlil” at the time. We wouldn’t have guessed.

Arizona again

There were “lots of great loops and trails” around Yuma, Arizona, when @Hubnerds44 had his 2017 Honda CRF 250L Rally out for some adventure within the last six months.

Wyoming grasslands

On a ride through Thunder Basin National Grassland near Newcastle, Wyoming, @YodaJediMaster pulled over on his 2017 Honda CB500X to shoot the picture below. It was June 27, 2020, and the road, as you can see, is long. But he ain’t heavy.

Sidecar shooting

The photo below was taken by Triumphsidehack’s wife, who was in the sidecar at the time, as they followed a Harley rig with a family of three.

While returning from Oregon on a cross-country trip in Nebraska on our sidecar rig, we came upon a Harley hack with a family of three about to run out of fuel. So just to make sure they were safe we followed along up to the farm house in the background and a nice farmer leant the couple and their son enough to get on to Beatrice just up the road. 

What we really like about this photo is the perfect timing at the crest of a hill and the undulating road ahead of the H-D rig.

From one backyard to another

The Gasgas 300 TXT photographed below sits in the backyard of Pistol’s place in Catalonia, which is in Spain, and was photographed so recently the engine is still warm.

Tjilpi, again?

Yup, he can’t get enough of us, so we’re spreading his pictures out just so you can catch your breath. Here, his 2017 Honda Rebel 500 is on a road near Santikirri in northern Thailand, photographed more than six months ago. That’s Myanmar in the background.

Definitely not Myanmar

After a couple of days offroading in the Big Bend area of Texas, @michaellmcc stopped by the car wash in Alpine to rinse off the dirt and grit. Followed by a quick stop at the downtown mural for some local color. That 2017 BMW R1200 GS Rallye looks right at home.

A new bike

Yes, it’s Tjilpi again, but this time he’s got his new Honda Rebel 500 out in front of the local color in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Photographed in 2017, when the bike was new.

That Arizona sun

It’s sunset, but in Tucson, the sun is never dull, so Rottweiller puppy Zona wears her shades while sitting next to the modified 2018 Honda Africa Twin with sidecar that @SPKR has ridden to the top of Reddington Pass about three weeks ago. “Zona loves exploring with me.”

Louisiana ghosts

It’s mid-Covid, June 2020, and @Pegbeater has just flown to Mississippi to pick up the 2020 Royal Enfield Continental GT shown below.

Rode it back home to Roseville, California, in 4 days. It was a long, hard 2200 miles on a cafe to be sure! What an adventure though!! Took in lots of sites like this one at the delta in Shreveport, LA. It was an absolute ghost town. 

Tigers X 2

A pair of Triumph Tigers, 800 and 900, in Big Sur, California, photographed by @Stogiejim about three weeks ago.

A 43 meter Jesus

It was the last Saturday in April and @Nicobico felt the time was ripe for a ride on his 2012 BMW R1200 GS Triple Black to visit the construction site of Cristo Protetor (Christ the Protector) at Encantado, RS, in Brazil.

 The statue is located at the top of a hill near the city. It’s only accessible using a rough road and its height (43 m/141 ft) will surpass the famous one in Rio de Janeiro.

Northeastern India

He calls the area a “paradise” and has shot more than 2,000 pictures since Touragrapher set out on his Kawasaki Versys 650 early in March to tour northeastern India. When he submitted the image below, he had clocked 10,000 km across Arunachal, Meghalaya, Sikkim, and Assam. This picture is from a remote part of Arunachal and brings us back, thematically, to the place where we started.

And that’s it for POTW 21-10, so please remember to submit pictures and help us keep the great images coming. And thank you all of you who have already sent us pictures!

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