Hello again, Inmates! For our Featured Image of Photos of the Week No. 11-21, we have found a picture that reminds us, more than anything else, of khaki. That light brown, possibly edible, always wearable fabric that is actually a color, the term stolen from Urdu and meaning “soil-colored,” according to Wikipedia. You can see that it’s a completely appropriate reference for the Boise Foothills in Idaho, which is where this photo of a 2020 Ural Gear Up was taken by @Dread earlier in May of this year.

It is my first sidecar and the first time I took it off-road. It did great, and I’m looking forward to many adventures on it!

Not your own private Idaho, is it?

That’s a 2021 Honda CRF3200 Rally out for a break-in ride a week or two ago “on some local Forest Service roads near Boise, Idaho,” says @Neil_The_Wheel, who took the picture near a place you may remember reading about.

California evening

Sunset and a cloud-ridden sky set a Julian, California, campsite aglow under the jealous gaze of a 2018 BMW R1200 GSA, which @Ronvdp piloted for 250 on- and off-road miles before pitching his tent earlier this spring.

Off-road Wisconsin

The hill being contemplated by “an assortment of DS bikes,” according to @Cannonshot, is part of a new off-highway motorcycle trail in Wisconsin, photographed with a Sony DSLR this spring. “One of the many challenges that are part of the new trail,” Cannonshot says.

His own private gravel pit

It’s not in Idaho, and in fact not even in the United States, but this Manitoulin Island, Ontario, gravel pit was loaned to @schmittenhymer on a Sunday afternoon a few months back so he could take pictures of his 2010 KTM 990 R Adventure.

This gave me original backgrounds for my shots that not many others would get the chance to take! The terrain was challenging to get to this spot, lots of large boulders to maneuver around, but I think it was worth it.

We are assured that schmittenhymer tidied up the gravel pit and returned it in good condition when he was finished with it.

That’s a pass

The 1984 BMW R100 RS in the photo below was taking a well-earned break this spring while cutting a loop through northern New Mexico and southern Colorado, new owner @Hair says. This scenic area is the Cumbres Pass, which straddles the state line.

 I bought the bike from fellow ADVrider Solo Lobo. And it’s a great ride. 

And below, Hair’s 2020 Husqvarna 701, photo taken on a spring fling in northern New Mexico about 6 weeks ago.

Tellico Trail

There’s a lot of pretty country in Tennessee, and what you find around Reliance, a small community between Chattanooga and Knoxville, is green and lush. The photo below of a 2021 KTM 890R ridden by @Nextadventure and a BMW 1200 GS ridden by another inmate, Abrahamster, was taken on a ride of the Tellico Adventure Trail.

It was our first camping trip in almost two years, due to the pandemic. Great riding and good to be back out on the bikes. 

And below, the big pipe at Copper Hill, Tennessee, photographed on the same ride by Nextadventre.

Nowhere brand

A New Hampshire spring day tempted @bmw111 to take his 2020 Triumph Speed Twin for a ride to a unique small craft brewery earlier in May. The other bike is a 2019 Kawasaki Z400.

Canterbury AleWorks is a one barrel, water powered and wood fired, British inspired showcase nano-brewery. It’s off the beaten path and down a twisty and bumpy dirt road but well worth seeking out for the atmosphere and to appreciate what one man’s passion can create seemingly out in the middle of nowhere.


All the day long

Our story begins in 2019, when Thomas33 posted on ADVRider a photo of his 2017 Husqvarna 791 Enduro on the French TET in Basque country. A local, @Apo, who submitted the following images of Thomas33’s Husqvarna and his own 2019 690 Enduro R, recognized the location and reached out, “in the first place to inquire about his fairing from Rade Garage.” We’ll let the pix tell the story for a bit, then carry on with Apo’s version of important things.

Race for morning coffee

Darn, I dropped a nickel!

Don’t worry. They can’t have gone far on foot

The little headlines, of course, are your POTW editor’s imagination at work. But we’ll let Apo take over now.

A few months later, they ended up in Northern Spain, riding side by side in the dust and sharing beers around campfires for a few days! How good is that? With the help of AdvRider’s POTW, Motorcycle Gods work in mysterious ways! 


And to all a good night

Point. Shoot

The photo below of a 2020 Moto Guzzi ridden by @DesertPilot was taken some months ago with a cheap Canon PowerShot under the “take enough pictures and one will probably turn out” school of photographic composition. The curve looks lke fun, but what’s that Guzzi staring at?

This is one of the turnoffs on Alpine Road, on the way from Silicon Valley to the coast. Amazingly, people nip right past it without stopping. Whatever are they rushing off to? Look at what they’re missing! I believe the scene looks even better with a Moto Guzzi V85TT in it. Good thing I happened to have one handy.

Rebel with a blessing

Followers of Thai Buddhism take their new purchases to the nearest temple to have it blessed by a senior monk, says @Tjilpi, who pointed his Nikon Coolpix when the monk blessed his 2017 Honda Rebel 500 a few years ago.

Holy water is sprinkled over the bike during a chant and white cotton is tied around the handle bar near the throttle and brake lever. I have done this with every bike I have owned in Thailand and so far, so good!

A bit what?!?!

We can’t improve on Tjilpi’s description of this one, so we’ll let him do the horrors, er, honors.

An excellent camping spot at Nourlangie, Kakadu, Northern Territory, Australia. Sure, a bit snakey and crocy but that view at sunset and sunrise was worth the risk.

 A German purchase

Sometime last year, Helio stopped in Greece’s Diakopto to shoot a pic with his Huawei P20 while on the way home to Israel from Germany, where he bought the 2019 BMW R1250 RT.

Volcano views

The 2012 KTM EXC500 is parked with its nose facing a decapitated Mount St. Helens and Mount Adams in Washington state. The photo by @Brokein2 was taken very recently.

Same blown top, different view

From a viewpoint pullout on Curly Creek Road in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest in Washington, @G-ree shot this photo of his daughter while the two were on a “grand tour of the Pacific Northwest” aboard a pair of 2014 Honda CBR500Rs. And yes, that’s Mount St. Helens.

And below, that’s G-ree’s daughter again, leaving for work from her San Francisco home after returning from the tour. Photos taken more than six months ago.

Remember the fires

Early in 2020 Australia suffered some of the worst bush fires ever recorded, and the scene below was what @Andrew Goddard found along Tooma Road near Capramurra in the New South Wales Snowy Mountains region when in March 2021 he took his first trip through the area after the fires. That 2001 BMW is an R1150 GS.

The road was closed for some time after the fires. This was halfway through my 13-hour trip from Melbourne VIC to Kiama NSW via all the windy stuff.

Better luck next time

This 2017 BMW R1200 GSA belonging to @Nimrod is just catching 5 at the Dumont Little Dunes in California.

 Here hold my beer and watch this while I go over to the dunes, it will be fun! 

Pass the corn

Tjilpi parks his Honda CRF 250L for a snap while riding through the corn fields north of Chiang Mai in Thailand a few years ago.

Trail break

The relaxing photo below was taken while the rider was enjoying a break from riding on a trail in the Aravali Hills of India. The bike? A BMW G310 GS. The rider? Why, it’s @nakulmalik of course — but hold the applause; he’s not finished.

Here, he shows off his 2020 R1250 GS, pic taken on a backroad in the Uttrakhand mountains on April 3, while India was enjoying a short break between lockdowns.

Here, the BMW holds up a hillside on the outskirts of Bhimtal, in Uttrakhand, also in April between lockdowns.

OK, now he’s finished

Where do they find these infrared trees?

A weekend in late April got @Desk_Jockey out for a ride on the 2017 Honda VFR1200X near Kings Ferry, Florida, near the St. Marys River, which he says “keeps the Georgia heathens separated from the Florida hooligans,” and he saw this infrared Live Oak through his converted Fujifilm X-E1 with a 14 mm f/2.8 lens. I wonder what it looks like in regular light?

And folks, that’s all for another week. We hope you’ve enjoyed these little glimpses of your motorcycling world, brought to you by you, as much as we have. And if you noticed a bit of repetition with Idahos and volcanoes, be assured it was purely coincidental, the luck of the draw. So remember, there are stupid questions, but there is no such thing as a stupid picture. Now submit! Submit!

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