In the 12th edition of Photos of the Week 2021 we have something a little different for our Featured Image—more story than photo, but a great picture nevertheless. It shows five Canadian riding buddies, gathered from around the globe, in Baja after an unexpected night under the stars. We’ll let @MotoPundit take it from here for a while, then we’ll come back for more of this tale.

Our plan never included sleeping outside or camping; rather, it was to ride all day, find a motel each night. We all had minimal equipment for camping. It was a cold and miserable night. But the stars were absolutely spectacular! We got up at first light, and got moving quickly before the day got hot. About an hour into our morning ride, we stopped to examine the carcas and skeletal remains of a large boar as well as that of a coyote. It looked like they both died of their injuries, i.e., they killed each other. Before moving on, I thought we should get a group photo since we had managed to survive our first 24 hours in Baja. I balanced my iPhone on a backpack and snapped this group photo.

In the photo are from left, Dan, MotoPundit, @Hosebag, @Snotrockit42, and @Grinder. With them are five KTMs: three 500 EXCs, a 525, and a 690.

But why, you may wonder, did they sleep outside, when that wasn’t the plan? The group had assembled in St. Louis, “where we spent a few days consuming copious amounts of alcohol while prepping our bikes and telling bullshit bravado tales.” Sobered up, they trailered the bikes and drove to Yuma, Arizona, unloaded the bikes, and “rode across the border for an epic offroad adventure.”

It started out well, but problems soon developed. “One of our riders underestimated the desert heat.” By 2 p.m. he had consumed four liters and was struggling. We’ll let MotoPundit take it from here.

It was exceedingly hot, and we still had 2-3 hours of deep sand ahead just to get to the paved road leading into San Felipé, where we planned to overnight. We knew our struggling rider needed to stop, and we had little choice but to call it a day and prepare to sleep under the stars. With about an hour of daylight left, the two strongest riders in our group decided to plow forward, to fetch more water and food for the night, and to refill their fuel tanks. The other three of us stayed put and waited for them to retun. If it were not for them, we would have been rationing our water. It all worked in the end, but we did spend a chilly night sleeping in the sand, listening to crinkling noises from each other’s emergency blankets (it sounded like we were sleeping in giant Dorito’s bags).

We sent MotoPundit a note of thanks for submitting this photo and story, and he replied with the rest of the tale. Things, as he found out, can always get worse. And better.

On Day 3, after we spent night 2 in Baja at a motel in San Felipé, Dan crashed hard on some whoops and broke his hip. He spent an hour in big pain and we dragged him into the shade.  As we were deciding who would go for help and who would stay with Dan, we heard a bunch of bikes heading our way.  It was Colton Udall and full crew, pre-riding for the Baja 1000 (which was starting in a few days, and we were riding the same GPS tracks).

Fortunately for Dan,  pro riders like Colton ride with runners and pacers, and a support truck with a real medical doctor onboard.  They were terrific. The doctor examined Dan, loaded him and his bike into their support truck, and they brought him to a hospital for x-rays and pain killers. Then we dumped Dan at a motel for the next 7 days where he was able to rest and stay hydrated with  Tecate. The rest of us continued on and left Dan to recuperate.

The amazing hotel owner drove Dan and his bike all the way back to Yuma to meet up with the rest of us when the riding was done and we all drove back to Canada.

Misadventures are still adventures, and it was an awesome trip, even for Dan.  We are planning our first return to Baja this coming November.

So, for a good photo and a terrific story, we chose Dan, MotoPunit, Hosebag, Snotrockit42, and Grinder as our Featured Photo adventure riders of the week. And now, onward and downward.

Found it!

The Rio Grande guided @wildbill73 and friends (above) north from Mexico to Chispa Road at Van Horn, Texas—a road they had spent a couple of years searching for. With the assistance of Homeland Security, which “had fixed some of the bad spots,” the six adventurers enjoyed “a really nice ride” on a bevy of Beta and KTM dual-sports.

Below, Wildbill73 is somewhere in Oregon in 2019, though he can’t say for sure where exactly, with a V-Strom 1000.

Plain of Jars

Below, a riding mate of @Tjilpi on the return to Phonsavan in Laos after visiting the Plain of Jars site #2 in 2013. Plain of Jars sites, says Tjilpi, are “out of this world,” and “a must see” if you’re in Laos.

Below, that’s a pair of Honda CRF250Ls in Laos, ridden there by Tjilpi and an Aussie mate from the early 1970s, who traveled to Thailand in 2013 so they could ride northern Thailand and Laos together. Here the pair of riders takes in the view from a coffee shop on the Mekong River. That’s Laos across the water.

Upper Michigan

On a tour of Michigan, Rgadwell01 stopped at the entrace to Porcupine Mountains park just before setting off for the northernmost tip of the Upper Peninsula, the Keweenaw Peninsula, on an 1850 mile tour aboard a 2020 BMW GS1250 Adv.


In the late spring of 2018 Hurricane Alberto roared up from Florida, creating floods and toppling trees, says @chickenstrip, and putting his ride down the Blue Ridge Parkway to an end, at least temporarily.

It was the wettest ride I’ve had in recent times. This kind of weather makes for great pics, though.

The bike is a 2002 Triumph Spring RS.

Below, a tree on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

Balancing rock? Where?

The last week of April was perfect, says @battdoc, for a ride with two friends, Jeff and Sherwin, down the Arizona BDR. Below, the trio pauses, with much faith in the permanency of nature, near Cliff Dweller’s Lodge off Hwy 89A, where “beautiful rock formations sit along the roadside.”

They had trucked their bikes, a Honda CRF450L (2019), a KTM 690 (2015), and a Yamaha WR250oR (2003) to Tucson to start the ride.

Sunrise shots were taken the morning of our last day. We camped in a BLM primitive camping spot called Badger Creek, [which] made for a perfect sunrise listening to Rio Colorado.

Below, another morning shot from battdoc.

Utah easy, Utah hard

The 2007 Kawasaki KLR 650 below was photographed at 9,000 feet altitude in the Unitah Mountains of northern Utah. According to @MKWeaver, this road, FR135 on the south side of the mountain range, “is big-bike friendly, but there are more difficult side roads in the area for the more capable.”


Ah, India, you say!

@Nakulmalik sent us this photo of his BMW G310 GS sitting idly while he labors with his iPhone to make beautiful pictures, this one, on a trail in the Aravali Hills.

My, what a Big Sky!

Yes, of course this is Montana. According to @Blackshirt, just off US 189, 10 miles north of Big Timber. That’s a 2016 BMW R1200 RS, and those are the Gallatin Mountains.

Rock and roll!

Below, another abandoned, illegal rock quarry photographed by @nakulmalik a few months ago. We’ve seen a few of nakul’s photos of rock quarries lately, but somehow they never tire us. There’s a bit of Sisyphus in us, or maybe nakul, perhaps.

And another view of nakul’s rocks.

And, finally, “an ocean of sand,” in the desert of Rajasthan, India. That nakul really gets around.

On the Crest

@morriscycle knew he’d reach a dead end when he hit the Angeles Crest Highway in Los Angeles County a few weeks ago (“seems like it has been cl;osed forever”), but he didn’t realize that the road closure would allow him to take pictures of his 20121 BMW G650 GS Sertao parked in the middle of the road.

It’s a beautiful road. Such a pity.

2 hobbies in one

Other than motorcycling, the other hobby enjoyed by @Math Teacher is ham radio.

Here I am up in the hills of Southern California setting up a two-way radio communication link. I do not ride around with the antenna deployed. I set it up when I reach my location. The motorcycle adds a whole new level of fun to my ham radio activities.

That’s a 2020 CSC RX4 450 cc 6Speed F1 ADV bike totin all that radio gear around.

Tracing the route

The Natchez Trace, says @delser, “is a great ride.” Especially aboard a 1986 Honda Gold Wing. “Lots of strates, history, easy mph.” He ran the upper third, the center, and the lower third on separate excursions.

Northeastern India

@Touragrapher was in the Indian state of Arunachal Pradesh when the following pictures were captured just a few weeks ago. That’s a Kawasaki Versys 650, but we didn’t have to tell you that, did we?

Breakfast, luch, dinner and beyond only had one items on the menu . . .

And that was offroad!

Idaho Springs

The ride from Central City, Colorado, to Idaho Springs is one of his favorites, says @alpina. “Littered with old miningh sites and incredible views.” That’s his 2021 Suzuki DR650.

A spring ride

@MotoEd says it was 4°C (that’s high 30s in the key of F) when he took his 2021 Yamaha Ténéré 700 for a ride on Sibbald Creek Trail west of Calgary, Alberta a few weeks ago. “But an awesome day for a ride.” You’re looking at his new screensaver, and we think it’s a good enough picture to leave you with.

Thanks for viewing, Inmates, and remember to submit photos. We’ll be back next week, so we hope you’ll join us again!

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