Hello, Inmates! For our featured image of Photos of the Week No. 13, we have chosen an unusual shot taken a few years ago when @Ausman and his wife were on a tour of India, the Himalayas, and Kashmir aboard a rented Royal Enfield Bullet 500. While sitting on the pillion as they were forced to stop for a Himalayan roadworks crew, Ausman’s wife snapped this picture. You can see her and the camera in the Bullet’s mirror. Ausman explains what we’re looking at:

. . . gravel is made by crushing rocks with a hammer and bitumen is made in a wheel barrow. Also pictured is a TATA truck, the natural predator of the Royal Enfield.

Zambia camp-out

In West Zambia’s West Lunga National Park Game Management Area, there is a government-run camp for travelers, and @Mr.mcgillaj was permitted to stay in one of the tents just a few weeks ago.

Very rural Africa. Lovely forest area but terrible tracks. Blew up the front strut and had no damping for the entire trip.

That’s his 2006 BMW R1200 GS Adventure in the foreground of the photo below. And those are his many children in the backgr . . . no; we’re kidding. Apologies to all. But Mr.Mcgillaj’s lovely photograph carries on the theme of world exploration begun with our featured image, and we thank him for that.

Another photo taken by Mr.mcgillaj in the same local. Beautiful red earth road and a pretty forested area make that broken Beemer feel right at home.

Up, wayyyyy up

It’s hard to get much farther (horizontally, or vertically) away from the U.S. A. than Khardung La, the highest motorable pass on earch, according to @TwoUpTourer, who shot the picture (below) of himself and a pal with a couple of 2018 Royal Enfield Himalayans in the Himalayas of Ladakh, northeast India.

When we stood there, at around 18,000 feet, we knew that every, and I mean every other single motorcycle on earth, all those millions of bikes in all corners of the world, were below us. What a thought!

A California in New Zealand

That’s the “Forgotten Highway” below holding up a 2014 Moto Guzzi California on the North Island of New Zealand. State Highway 43 runs from Stratford  near the west coast to Tauramanui in the center of the island. “It’s a twisty scenic route,” says @MrKiwi, “with great views and is a fabulous motorcycle ride.”

That’s a big ranch!

Shot below was taken at the Molesworth-Rainbow boundary on the South Island of New Zealand. According to @Versatile70, Molesworth Station is cattle country—”the largest land holding in NZ, just under 500,000 acres.” The land is owned by the state and is open for about six months a year to ride through, she tells us. “It is still an active cattle farm.”

A camel in the desert

The shot below of a 1981 Moto Morino Camel 500 was taken by @Rossguzzi a few months ago. That’s the Jarrah forest behind the bike, “just inland of Perth, West Australia.”

Just a day ride this time but have ridden it in the remote Pilbra region 1000 kms north of Perth on a camping trip. Hope to do more camping trips in the desert in the future. Bike has been rebuilt except for splitting the crank cases apart. Labour of love.

All in the famiglia

Eroica, says Inmate mbso, is a “200 km ride in Tuscany on normal and dirt roads, from Chianti toward south Tuscany and back.” The shot below was taken on a family ride with his wife on a KTM 390 and mbso and his 11-year-old daughter on the 790.  Eroica is a tourist road, “and there is a fun completion ride on very old bikes, with riders dressed in old-fashioned motorcycle style gear” as well as a motorcycle rally with old and young dual sport machines.

Road closed

A heavy snowfall that closed the road to his destination of the day in the Indian Himalayas forced Garry_LifeOn2Wheels to get off the 2019 BMW G 310 GS and take a break by a river (below). And below that, pulled over on way to the 14,500-foot Sach Pass.

Meanwhile, back in the USA

The Talladega Scenic Drive on Route 281 (above) takes you through Alabama’s Talladega National Forest and is, according to @Veselko, a “really nice” ride. That’s a 2018 BMW R1200 GS Rallye parked on the shoulder.

Smooth, endless curves, but not real tight. I like those higher-speed flowing roads. And the road doesn’t go anywhere in particular, so no real traffic. Speed limit is 45, but 55–60 makes for a nice pace. The photo with the graffiti is at Burnt Mountain overlook in Georgia. I took routes 136 and 52 across northern Gorgia, about 280 miles round trip. Both routes have miles and miles of twisty two laners and beautiful scenery. 


California ridin’

About three weeks ago on a ride from Los Angeles over the Sierras to Big Sur, @FX Monger stopped to photograph the fields and mountains of California. And of course his fine-lookin’ 2018 BMW GS Adventure.

And then he carried on down that wild, lovely coast.

Victory in Death Valley

It was a “fairly difficult incline” in Death Valley, according to Rusty, but the road “finally succumbed to my efforts.”  That’s a 2018 Honda Africa Twin Adventure Sports giving Death Valley a what-fer.

Say, is that your grizzly?

It’s a long road to Hyder, Alaska, and the Salmon Glacier, which @whatnoise endured in July of ’17 on his 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure. But that’s alright—there was plenty of company to keep the Canadian adventurer happy.

In the shot below, whatnoise is parked overlooking the glacier.

The fog was beginning to close in and soon I couldn’t see the next corner so had to abandon my planned ride to the mine site at the end of the road. Weather on the northwest coast can never be taken for granted.

He says the “superb accommodation” at the Ripley Creek Inn in the “eclectic town of Stewart, B.C.,” made up for the weather—and so, here are a few images of the renowned Ripley.

The ’57 Chevy is part of an array of mechanical artifacts in the vicinity of the inn. Cool place.

Above, a fine set of old tractor wheels, and below, “The Stewart yacht club, presently in dry dock. The boat goes by various names such as log bronc, boom tug, etc. You’ve probably seen them at work. ”

Trail mix

Another contribution by whatnoise, and we’ll let him tell it.

A deli takeout lunch mix made an interesting contrast with the bear scat all around us as we paused for a snack at about 1,500 m elevation above the town of Nakusp, British Columbia, during the Horizons Unlimited Mountain Madness rally in July 2017. That’s Upper Arrow Lake in the background. To avoid a prairie full of headwinds I shipped my 2014 KTM 1190 west from Ontario and made a detour via Yukon on the ride home. Choose tailwinds!


Long way away

The 1995 BMW GSPD seen below proved to be the right purchase for a ride from Merced, California, to Tuktoyaktuk in Canada’s Northwest Territories for @Skepti_Cal. That’s the Arctic Circle marker in the distance. The photo was taken in late June 2019.


My travel mate on his KTM 1290 had just had a flat tire about a mile north of the marker, from a cut by wet loose shale used as a road surface material. We were lucky to make it to Eagle Plains where we stayed for two days due to weather. 

How’s the fishin’?

A Triumph Tiger, KTM 890 R, and Honda Africa Twin take a well-earned break at Spade Lake in northern Washington state, shot by @A_Beer_To_Far just a couple of weeks ago.

A Colorado favorite

@Alpina says the road from Soda Creek to Little Bear Road is one of his favorites. It’s north of Squaw Pass, Colorado, and it’s one of your favorites, too.

Good riding partner

And for our final image this week, we have a shot of Miss Sharon and the FJR-Hannigan hack that she and @Triumphsidehack enjoy on “big adventures in South Dakota and all points west from southern Indiana.”

It warms my heart just to know she loves to share in my quirky addiction and passion of sidecar adventures. Yeeedoggies let’s get going!

And that’s all for this week, Dear Inmates, but we invite you to return again soon and enjoy more adventures with us at ADVrider.com’s world-famous Photos of the Week. And don’t forget to send those pictures!

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