Good day, Inmates! Here we go again with Photos of the Week at, and we’re starting off with a picture of our man from La Mancha on a visit to Cuba. Actually, that’s inmate @FinTec joining the knight-errant Don Quixote in his chivalric quest near Veradaro in Cuba. Don Quixote’s riding a horse, presumably made of brass, and his good friend FinTec is riding a 2013 BMW F800 GS that he calls “MechanicO” and which he has heavily modified to serve in his adventures. To our knowledge it is not made of brass.

FinTec was on a month-long tour back in March and April when he shot this picture, and he says, “I think we all have a little Don Quixote in us when we travel.” He’s right, of course, and for that observation, and for submitting such an evocative picture (who among us wouldn’t thrill to become a knight-errant, whatever that is, for a day?) he’s our Featured Image this week. We’ll give you a link to his ride report farther down. Right now, we don’t want you to leave us, and so on with more of the world’s greatest ADV photos!

Utah Utopia

Muley Point in Utah has been seen in these pages before, but the picture below is by @rageabout and was taken in May. The shot overlooks the San Juan River Canyon and, in the distance, Monument Valley. That yellow object is a 2012 BMW F650 GS.

The afternoon and evening were beautiful and serene but things changed at night when strong winds developed. The wind became so strong it felt like my tent wanted to take flight but thankfully there was more than enough ballast (me) to keep it grounded. After a couple hours of contortions of the tent and violent flapping of the rain fly, the wind died off and left a beautiful moonless, clear, starry night sky.

Down and dirty, but still sane

The mix of watersheds, geologic upheavals, agricultural land, and hidden gems, says, @Right-Turn-Clyde, produces some hiddden gems where Utah and Idaho shake hands. That’s a 2016 BMW GS he’s riding on Dirty Head Road, “one such slice of dirt and scenery,” and we’ll let him tell you how he got it there.

My COVID bike, bought in Idaho and transported across state lines against March 2020 orders from Gov. Brad Little, is nicknamed The Red Barchetta (for what I think are obvious reasons . . . at least to RUSH fans), and has carried me through the pandem-onium. Even this little ride was illegal “back then,” but also crucial for my sanity.

Just down and dirty

We can’t explain the photo below any better than the photographer, so we’ll ask @Tjilpi to take over here.

Mate and I were riding tracks west of Alice Springs, Central Australia. I came around this bend and found him “taking a breather” in the red sand, trapped under his bike. Being a loyal friend, the first thing I did was to lay my bike down and record the event on 35 mm film (remember that?). Dug him out. No damage. Continued on our way.

The Outback Adventurers were riding Honda XL500s, and it was long enough ago that their digital cameras used film. We like the “don’t run over your mate” trail left in the dirt by Tjilpi’s Honda.

Rocky Mountain High House

The three photos under these words were taken by @gt750 on a trip to Rocky Mountain House in the Canadian province of Alberta. This was in September 2019, and he took the shot of his 1990 Yamaha DR200R on the way up to “the old Baseline Lookout.”

The first part of the ride starts out muddy, but soon turned to rock. After climbing for ten or fifteen minutes, we came to the section where the first picture was taken, with my bike in the frame. 

Another climb, he says, “with loose rock and two sharp rock shelves to climb. Then you must go down and turn ninety degrees to the left. If you miss the turn it is a long way down.”

And finally, from the top, beside the lookout, a typical Alberta view.

South Africa

Below, we have the 2006 BMW R1200R ridden by @Maniefer to the Gariep Dam in South Africa a few years ago.

Puddle jumper

@norton73 says the pic below shows his wife Lynn celebrating Memorial Day a few weeks ago by splashing through a puddle on the Skyway Motorway in Alabama’s Taladega National Forest aboard her 2004 Yamaha XT225.

Stone unhinged

There are many old buildings along the New Mexico BDR, says @Pvcwizard, and the one behind his 2020 Tiger 900 Rally Pro, photographed in May, “is thought to be an old ranch house from a time when people were tougher than we are today.” Well said.

Just me and my . . . dual sport KTM

After a long day of riding in Big Bend Ranch State Park near Presidio, Texas, it must be a real comfort to look at your shadow and know that the sun god Ra has confirmed that you and your KTM still exist. @wildbill73’s shadow, in fact, photographed several months ago, was headed to camp for a beer, which we’ll take as a better indication of the man’s true existence than any old sun god can give us.

Artful BMW

This colorful 2004 BMW GS Adventure was painted by artist Abraham Mojica, at left, seen here with Hank “Motohank” Arriazola and, at right, @manbyk, who submitted this one and the one below. The shot was taken in front of Motohank’s BMW Service Center in Dilley, Texas. Farther down, we have a 2014 BMW GS Adventure in front of the Utopia, Texas, high school.

Hmm, and here we thought Utopia was in Utah.

You see what happens?

@ScottNZ was about five days into a Road of Bones ride in Siberia when he found the abandoned Kawasaki 900, “the MOST inappropriate bike possible,” in the photo below.

We are riding Yamaha WR 250s and we have a support vehicle that is a Russian made 100 hp 4WD tractor. This is a one-time ride of a lifetime. We are camping out on gravel river flats to avoid mosquitoes. Every day a bike is flooded trying to cross rivers, most days we need the tractor trailer to get across. The weather is deteriorating, it’s summer but there is still ice about. Then we come across this Kawasaki and it’s been trashed. Turns out the rider coming from the other direction by himself finally gives up, can’t go forward and can’t go back, so walks 60 km to the nearest civilization and leaves his bike to be trashed by bears. Go figure.

Goodnight at Big Bend

In February it was warm enough in Texas to camp out at a primitive site 10 miles off the highway in Big Bend National Park. But @docsabre was riding his 2013 BMW R1200 GS LC through San Antonio, trying to get to Louisiana “for the warm 42 degree weather” when the polar vortex hit.

Now that you mention it

Yes, it’s cold enough in Chicken, Alaska, that you can make snowballs at the side of the road on Top of the World Highway in May 2019, and for a while at least, any other year. That’s a 2014 CanAm Spyder RTS ridden by Joe and behind it is his brother on a Suzuki V-Strom 650.

Gone for a Rideabout

One month into a trip around Australia @Seez0916 paused for a moment and a photo at Cape Bridgewater, Victoria, with her Moto Guzzi V85tt.

Speaking of Australia

And here we have a gracefully modified CB780 custom built MadMax, submitted from Wasteland Weekend 2018, by @Digitallogic.

I’ll let you enjoy yourself by doing a google image search for that event.

As if we didn’t have enough to do . . .

Montana bigness

Below, you can see the Gallatin Mountains in the distance beyond the 2016 BMW R1200RS ridden by @Blackshirt. We’re just 10 miles north of Big Timber, Montana, in this picture just off US Route 189. Montana is known as Big Sky Country for a good reason.

And over in Idaho

The back roads near Stanley, Idaho, present the rider of this 2015 BMW R1200 GS with a fine view of the Sawtooth Mountains. The rider, by the way, is @Big Galoot, and he says there is

everything from fast gravel/dirt roads to gnarly tight hairpin single tracks that you have no business being on with this bike. Paradise!!


View from above

The photo below is a screenshot taken from a video made by Brian with a Skydio 2 drone that he had following him on Hwy 40 south to Colman in Alberta. Makes you wonder how the drone knew it was him. By the way, he’s riding a 2014 R1200 GSA with a DMC Expedition Sidecar, according to our friends at the NSA.

Lost in the Pyrenees

In June 2014 Helio toured the Pyrenees, a rider’s wonderland that criss-crosses the border between France and Spain, and it was “14 days of some of the best mountain passes in the world.” Helio, who was photographed there a few years ago on his 2014 BMW R1200RT by his wife Lili, says Monte Perdido (Spanish for Lost Mountain) is well named: “one of the most difficult places to find.” It is near Bielsa, and is part of the same mountain system that forms the Cirque de Gavarnie in France. “A beautiful place, that is worth the time of a visit for anyone doing the Pyrenees.”

What more can we say?

Honda Grom. Utah. May 2021. Photo by sbrush.

And to conclude

And finally, we have a second shot by FinTec (of the Featured Photo) from his trip to Cuba in March and April. We’re not sure why he’s saluting, but as he stands before his salvaged 2013 BMW MechanicO, he looks like a man on a quest, so we will simply wish FinTec many successes in his pursuits, and we will wish all of you a good night. See you next week—and Hey! Don’t forget to you know what.

But we promised you a link to his ride report, so here it is:


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