Hello, Inmates, and welcome to ADVrider’s World Famous Photos of the Week carnival of happiness. Once again we have found a treasure trove of images and dreams submitted by you—and you too, and also that guy over there. We’re starting off with a wonderful image of a borrowed 2018 Indian Chief at the Sheringa Roadhouse, taken by @The Bear on his way to the 2019 Bear Army Summer Manoeuvres in Streaky Bay—this roadhouse is a stop for much-needed refreshments along the Flinders Highway, the South Australian coast road from Port Lincoln to Ceduna. We’ll ask The Bear to spend a moment now telling us more about this adventure of Bear Army Summer Manoeuvres.

The Bear Army has 70 members, of whom some 20 or 30 get together twice a year for Manoeuvres. These involve going to a small town somewhere which can use a cash injection, having a few drinks in the afternoon and dinner at the pub and staying the night then riding home. At the moment Manoeuvres have been suspended because the COVID restrictions might leave all of us stuck at the pub for a week or two. On second thought . . .

A vintage Turbo

The Bear has other things to show us this week, so here is his 1985 Kawasaki GPz750 Turbo. “I thought the lamps in East Street, Sydney Central, would make a good background for a photo of the Turbo. They worked, too, but I should have taped the reflectors on the bike!” Photo shot in 2018.

One for the ages

Finally, from The Bear, a photo (below) taken years ago in the original Deus ex Machina shop in Sydney, “before there was a Deus shop in everybody’s front yard.”

The motorcycle was designed and built for Rod Hunwick, one of the original partners of Deus and intended to become the Australian answer to the Britten. Nobody seems to know where the bike is, or where Ron is, for that matter.

On the back roads

Below, a couple of shots by @raceu2 from a few years ago when he and a buddy were traveling the back roads of Mexico on a 3-month tour aboard a pair of KTMs, a 950 and a 990.

A little farther south

Thepatagoniakid sends us this photo taken some years agoon a 3-day endurance ride in Argentina from Buenos Aires to Ushuaia. The bike? A 1986 BMW R80.

Almost run out of gasoline, being December 25th the prior gas station at San Sebastian was closed, hence made it to Rio Grande on fumes! Still accomplished my goal of BA to Ushuaia in three days. Following day my girlfriend arrived on a fly—picked her up at the airport and then our ride together began.

The rush

Ladakh, India, on a 30-day road trip featuring @Touragrapher and his Kawasaki Versys 650.

The background is the core Himalayas and is a holy grail for adventure riding. There are several high altitude passes here which make it not just challenging but unique as well. Yearly thousands of adv riders get here just to experience the rush!

So . . . now where?

Just a little while ago @igorshen enjoyed a pause in riding his 2007 Kawasaki KLR650 to “figure out how to enter the Wahweap wash in Grand Staircase Escalante” on the Utah-Arizona border. “The map and Google satellite images were not clear as to whether there was a route or not. Eventually, made it through.”

Quick ride

Below, four images submitted by @stcomza of his 2016 Honda CTX 200 Bushlander on “a quick ride on dirt roads near my home.” Those dirt roads would be around Cape Town in South Africa and the photos were taken in June.

Goodbye to a good friend

A few more from stcomza in South Africa, who says the following were taken a few months ago on a farewell ride before selling his 2005 Honda Transalp XL650V. “Just some dusty roads close to my home.”

Desert adventure

Here is a 2021 Ural Gear Up, photographed a few weeks ago by @Motoventure in the Alvord Desert playa of Oregon. In the second photo below, Motoventure’s traveling machine is on the way back to Washington from its desert duties.

Memories old and new

Back in the day, says @Lone Ranger, “if you had a job, you could get credit.” Which accounts for this 1965 Triumph Bonneville (“never skipped a beat or dripped a drop of oil”), photographed in black and white when Lone Ranger was 20 years old. He was on a trip from California to New York and had stopped briefly to partake. Alert readers might spot the signs off a Missouri breakfast at the bottom of the image. Photos like this are a moment’s thought, but a lifetime’s enjoyment.

Far from that Missouri repast, Lone Ranger is in western Turkey, where in order to photograph a roadside vendor he is required to have her son stand between them. That’s a Honda 250 AX1 holding them up. Everyone looks so happy, don’t you think?

But the photo below shows real happiness: “2010, brand new Bonny in Colorado, recapturing my youth.” Well done, Mr. Ranger.

Man up

Here are @TonyL and a couple of riding buddies “taking a breather on the road to Robertsport in Liberia, West Africa,” a few months ago. He’s riding a 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R and says this part of the riding world is

certainly not a place for sissies.

Bogong b’gosh

This 2020 Honda Africa Twin belongs to Greg, and according to @K1W1 it is taking in the view of the Bogong High Plains from “the highest spot in Australia navigable by road, Mt. McKay,” where a check of the altimeter shows 1849 meters. Photo shot a few months ago.

Still life with Ducati

Below, we have a 2014 Ducati Multistrada 1200 Gran Turismo, photographed a few short weeks ago at Rock Cliff Lake in the Trout Pond Recreation Area of George Washington National Forest near Lost City, West Virginia. According to our reporter @Kellaupat, the Trout Pond, which is but a short walk from here, is the only natural lake in all of West Virginia.

Hard to believe, but true. I’m fortunate to live very close to here, and this area is one of many of my after work loops. 

No, we don’t have no bananas

@Petert96753 and his 2015 BMW R1200 GS  met these fine young ladies while stopped for single lane road work in South Africa a few months ago, and if ever there was an opportunity to buy “snacks and such” from women who had painted “their faces with calamine lotion to keep from getting sunburned,” this was probably it.

Landscapes and new shoes

Here is @Cidi’s wife taking in the view of Zion National Park in Utah from the seat of her 2016 KTM 690 Enduro R a few weeks ago. And a little more down the page, “the bikes at a shop in St. George, Utah. It was 98°F and we needed new tires—the shop offered to mount them if we took the wheels off.” Question: when is it not 98°F in St. George, Utah? Answer: when it gets hot.

You’re welcome

Can’t say about you, but here at the world famous ADVrider POTW HQ, we’re dying for something cool after that 98°F exercise in wonderful Utah (we really get into the photos in this job), so here is a New Zealand lakeside refreshment for you.

That 2018 Ducati Scrambler 803 Icon belongs to @CaptainCol, and we are located, some months back, at the

end of the road at an offshoot track at Lake Waikaremoana, New Zealand. this is a wonderland, and I motorcycle camp there often . . . 100 km of gravel roads, and there is a massive backroad system that goes down through the Kaingaroa Forest and comes out on the Napier–Taupo Rd. You need a GPS track to get through that one, as many offshoots, and you can easily get lost. Then the Adventure begins!!

His words, not ours

Below, a photo of the hill that @wsmcycle and his wife rode up a few years ago . . .

Foolishly crossed over Tin Cup pass in Colorado with wife. She rode up, but refused to go down the other side after seeing it. She rode down with some nice folks in a Side by Side. As I looked at the road down, I thought it impossible but I had no choice. Stupidity and pride will get you through many obstacles. I would never do it again. It is not possible. The bike only suffered a broken saddle bag reflector which I have never changed. I saw the broken reflector yesterday and decided to post this picture.

That bike with the broken reflector is a 2017 BMW R1200 RT, photographed by wsmcycle’s admirably sensible wife a few years ago.

Slip ‘n slide

Our good friend @Tjilpi spent a gruelling five hours completing the 87-kilometer Memorial Ride along the wet clay Elephant Trail that joins Wat Chan and Mae Hong Son in northern Thailand a couple of weeks ago on his Honda CRF250, which is bored to 300 cc. He adds, “RIP Auke Koopmans, dear friend.”

And here, photographed more than six months ago, is Tjilpi’s 2017 Honda Rebel 500 at Tan Tong waterfall, a stopover on the road from Chiang Mai to Phayao in Thailand. “Always a pleasant, cooling place and where a tired rider can refresh in the water.” Could’ve used this picture back in wonderful Utah!

“Did you hear a bell?”

@ScottNZ reminds us that we mistook his picture of a New Zealand adventure ride for one from Switzerland a while ago, but he makes up for it with this picture of the actual Switzerland, ridden on a BMW R1200 RT a few years ago.

Avoid the cows but stop at times to listen to the bells hung around their necks. We picked up our bikes in Munich direct from the BMW factory and rode the Alps. If you get a chance to do this it is some of the best sealed road riding in the world. Avoid Saturdays mornings if you don’t want to race. 

And here we are at the end of this week’s POTW, but we’ll return seven short days from now, and if you keep sending us your photos, we’ll have more fabulous adventures on tap. Till then, Inmates. It’s been a great ride!

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