Ahh, Canada! The rivers, the mountains, the pine trees, the 2011 KTM 990 Adventures. Gotta be my home province of British Columbia—and for all that, this is our Featured Image in Photos of the Week. But . . . oh! . . . Canada? Once again, we at ADVrider’s lavish Photos-of-the-Week HQ have embarrassed ourselves.

For this fine photo by @Maximegalodon is, in point of fact, a scene of Austrian lineage, taken less than a week ago. In our defence, there are KTMs in Canada, too, so you can understand our confusion. But Maximegalodon (cool name, don’t you think?) has something to say  about all this.

Taken 10.7.2021 in the KTM homeland near Wildalpen. For central European standards this place is pretty remote. There’s a beautiful twisty road through the valley. You can kayak in the river and you are surrounded by Europe’s last untouched forests.

Ah, the real Canada . . . at last

We won’t even pretend to have gotten this right, though we do have a 2001 BMW F650 GS Dakar in Canada, too. And snow. And of course we farm the wind—can’t farm much else these days, can we? But never mind, this fine-looking Dakar, photographed very recently, is in New Zealand, which in fact is New Zealand’s answer to British Columbia. But let’s have @wpoll’s thoughts on this adventurous ride.

Riding through the coastal hills of Otago a week after a heavy snow storm, I found most of the snow had melted, except where it had filled shaded gullies or had formed drifts at the sides of the back-country roads. A few of the thicker patches had hardened in the hard morning frosts following the snow storm. This particular section looked like soft powder but it was hard and icy—the GT201 tyres were no match for icy snow and the climb up this gentle slope to the Mahinarangi Wind Farm became impossible. After making a motorcycle snow-angel, with much digging and pivoting the bike on the side-stand, I got the bike turned around and headed back down the slope and back onto a road with actual traction! It’s not an adventure until the plan goes awry. . . .

Go high, stay cool

And by “high” we mean altitudes of 10,000 feet or more, and by “cool” we mean cool, as in the photo below, where @SilentSam and pal have ridden their 2013 BMW R1200 GS and 2015 BMW R1200 GS Explorer to a +10,000-foot pass along Hwy 64 on the way from Taos, New Mexico, to Ouray, Colorado, just a few weeks ago. Ahh, that’s even more refreshing than Canada!

Go Daddy!

For @Gonefishen it was a welcome Father’s Day gift: “My family turned me loose for a few days of riding the mountain passes of the Sierras.” With his 2018 Super Adventure R under him and the freedom of the road in front of him, June 20 was not only the longest evening of the year, but more importantly, it was a good day’s riding for an Inmate cut loose.

November in Utah

The White Rim Trail in Moab, Utah, was a good place to be last November with a couple of riding buddies and a Christini 450 DS, which according to @Spkr, was “amazing—it could climb or go through anything.”

Goin’ up the mountain

The 2017 Yamaha FZ10 was a good mount for a ride up the back side of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, California, a few months ago when @Manic1 felt a need for speed. That rear Sportmax looks a bit warm, doesn’t it?

There’s only one first BDR

And this was that for @ExOze a few weeks ago, photo taken in Michaux State Park in Pennsylvania. “In early 2021 I posted that I wanted to plan my first 2–3 day road trip and Jay (Inmate @Hijack) responded with a similar goal so we met up and planned a few sections of the MABDR. That’s his 2020 Yamaha T7 and the 2014 BMW R1200 GSA is mine.”

Could you be a little more specific?

We’ll let @Guillaume explain just where the following two photographs were taken, but first we’ll tell you that he was riding a 2018 Honda CB500X RR with Level 2 suspension.

Those photos were taken on June 27 on a ridge road, continuation of Fiske Creek Road, accessible from Bear Canyon Road 40 on CA16 or from Reiff Road from Morgan Valley Road overlooking Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument on one side and Cache Creek Regional Park on the other side in northern California near Sacramento.

Looks like great country for a ride, and when we mapped “Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument” just to make sure it was spelled right, Google threw up a pic of a KTM in a field surrounded by hills. What does that tell you?

Nothin’ wrong with lazy

For @alpina, it was “just a lazy day ride over Grapevine Road” near Idledale in Colorado a few months ago aboard his Suzuki DR650. There are times when you want to take it easy, and this is clearly an ideal situation for one of those days.

Hunwick Hallam

When @K1W1 saw The Bear’s picture of the rare Hunwick Hallam last week he was reminded of some shots he took back in June 2008, the last time he saw that particular motorcycle, at the Little River TT Reunion at Little River, Victoria, Australia. He was kind enough to send them to us, so we could show them to you.

And a few more. But the name of that reunion meeting has us wondering. Wasn’t there a rock band by that name?

Yes, for those of a certain age, Little River is the town that the Little River Band of the late 1970s was named after. 

Bali and Beyond

It was 2,000 km two-up on a 225 cc Yamaha Scorpio, says @spacecadet, who is shown here with his wife Suzie, setting off for Bali. “First time we had both been on the bike.”

The shot below with the volcano in the background is Flores, which spacekadet says is “becoming the new ‘undiscovered’ part of Indonesia before COVID. It is more relaxed than Bali, and fewer tourists.”

And below, near Mt. Remelau, or Tatamailau. At 2,986 m, it is the highest mountain in East Timor.

The last 15 km there was on an unrelenting rough cobblestone road with some mud up to the footpegs (up to my elbow after we face-planted in it). 

For a little roadie, the Scorpio has good suspension travel and bigger wheels, thankfully. That bike is sold in Indonesia and Australia, so I was able to measure up at home, and send plans to the fabricator over there, to have custom luggage racks ready for us.

All navigation with Locus Pro on a Samsung Galaxy S5, with waterproof box that I modified to allow permanent USB connection. I had the USB charger fitted to the bike before we arrived.

Up, up, and away!

That’s a 2020 BMW R1250 GS Adventure HP parked in front of a little ol’ ICBM at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana. We’re guessing that the BMW runs, the intercontinental ballistic missile, not so much. Just don’t be operating any garage door openers in the vicinity, okay? Just to be sure. This “striking” photo was taken a couple of weeks ago by @manbyk. Peace, y’all.

A remnant

Flyfish and his wife were touring around Galena, Illinois, a couple of weeks ago when they came upon “this amazing stone barn remnant.” They were riding a 2021 Honda CB500X.

Indestructible KLR

Crnewcomb says he was “up above Flaming Gorge” in late June on his 2004 Kawasaki KLR “on the way back from a bottom-to-top run of the Utah BDR. Nice and high was the way to beat the heat when temps were over 100°F. Bikes did better than we did, as usual.”

Back to Bali

Tony and a couple of mates hired “these tiny bikes” for a three-week adventure in August 2019, “riding across the four Indonesian islands of Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, and returning to Bali.” The 2018 Honda CRF150s were “more than adequate,” he says, “although the motocross style seats meant for lots of rest stops and photo opportunities.”

In California

@EvilTwin says he was at Running Springs, which is in California’s San Bernardino National Forest, when he photographed the 2020 Africa Twin (below) a couple of weeks ago.

Through the tunnel

The 2010 KTM 690 in the foreground of the photo below was @Orangecicle’s ride for an early June tour of the Trans-South Dakota Adventure Trail with a buddy, @RoundOz, whom you can see going into the Hood Tunnel on the Needles Highway, near Custer, aboard his 2019 KTM 690 with a Nomad adventure kit. The photo was shot with a Voigtlander Bessa-L camera, using a Voigtlander 15 mm f/4.5 lens, and the Ilford FP4 was developed at home. His tip: “Learn to shoot film.”

Oh . . . my God

The name of the road that @alpina was on when he photographed this Suzuki DR650 in front of an old Colorado mine a week or so ago is OMG, and he says that over the years it “got much easier to pass, but an old guy like me remembers when this was a big deal.”

Sunset in Oregon

Evening falls on Paulina Peak in Oregon, captured by @etate75 a couple of weeks ago. That’s a 2016 Honda Africa Twin in the foreground.

We often like to use such a photo to bring our adventures to a close for the week, and we would have used this one, except for another Inmate’s contribution of 12 pictures from a Colombian adventure. So we’ll let you have your own mini-adventure with him before we say a fond adiós.

Down by the river

And so, for our last entry this week, we have a tale of adventure in South America, with @Ohio_Danimal traveling on his 2011 Suzuki DR650 around Colombia with Adrian Cromey, a Brit who rode a Yamaha XT600. We’ll pass the mic to our adventurer after you’ve seen a couple of his pix, taken a few months ago. The show starts in Cartagena and follows the Magdalena River south towards Honda, Colombia.

Adrian (above) rode with Ohio_Danimal around Colombia.

A self-portrait of Inmate Ohio_Danimal. We’ll ask him to take over here.

After being dropped off by the sailboat Stahlratte in Cartegena, Colombia, we stuck together as we explored Colombia. Adrian rode a Yamaha XT600 and together we rode nearly three months around the country before parting ways entering Ecuador. Later we again met and rode together in southern Peru. 

And now that we’ve had a lovely ride through Colombia, we’ll bid all of you farewell and good night. Many thanks to all who have submitted photos, and a reminder: please submit. We’re running low, and if we don’t receive a few more submissions by next week we may have to use photos of Steve when he was a teenager. You don’t want that. Nobody wants that. So submit! And a heartfelt thank-you.

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