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This weeks featured image (above) is this beautiful photo taken by @MitchB earlier this year of his 2006 KTM 525 EXC at the Cliffhanger Trail, about 5 miles southwest of Moab, Utah. He writes “Arrived in Moab a little bit later than planned; didn’t have enough time to do a full ride but just enough to blast up Cliffhanger before the sunset.”

The stunning photo below was sent in by @Kunibert taken on the Route des Grandes Alpes, France. Unfortunately, the limitations of our site layout does not do it justice. The full size photo can be viewed here.

@Kunibert, who was riding the 2016 AfricaTwin CRF1000L, writes …

I took the picture on our tour along the Route des Grandes Alpes in the French Alps in June 2019. You can see the lake Le Laitelet just ahead of the Col de la Croix de Fer. The photo was taken with a Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III on Pano mode.

@Greg the Pole writes …

Riding the Idaho BDR backwards. I got separated from my group, who were about 75km back. I decided to splurge on a campsite for the 1st time in 7 days. Had a hot shower, and a covered picnic table to keep all my gear under. It was my 1st paid night of camping.

I like the “light painting”.

@Snowq sent us two photos of his 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R in Sweden last month. He writes …

With numb fingers and a silly smile, I blast trough the forest and along the gravel roads of South-western Sweden, temperatures are already creeping down well below 0C the mornings so this will probably be the last weekend trip for the season. When the sun finally breaks through, it makes a stunning scenery.


90_Degrees_South writes about a ride she did on her 2012 Husky TE 250 last month …

Friends since High School, we met up for a fall ride in SW Colorado. It was our 1st multi-day ride with out the hubbies. We had a blast but realized we need to learn how fix things on our own since the guys usually do it for us!

@guns&coffee writes about a group ride he did on his 2007 KTM 950 SE earlier this year …

This was taken at the house where McClintock & Tom Horn were filmed. It’s in the San Rafael State Natural Area in Southern AZ. This was a group ride and we were lucky enough to stop there for lunch. Some great dirt roads in the area.

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@dlugosda sent in this week’s second photo of a KTM 790 Adventure R 2019, this time in Germany. He writes …

Taking the unpaved roads in Brandenburg, Germany. It’s flat, it’s sandy and despite of all you can find some nice spots here. As the former eastern Germany, Brandenburg isn’t that dense populated as other regions of the country. That’s exactly what’s a bless if you’re looking for some dirt roads! This bridge over a channel is used by farmers normally. I’ve “found” it once when exploring the area after having taken a day off.

@Thomas33 sent in this photo of his 2018 HUSQVARNA 701 Enduro (with Rade fairing) in France on the TET a few weeks ago.

He writes …

Short but great 3 day trip on the french TET from Saint Jean de Luz to Saint Gaudens (400kms), with a friend on his 640 Enduro, with the right spirit (tent and water boiler). Picture taken in the french “Pays Basque”, at the end of the afternoon, in the middle of a challenging section (steep trail with loose rocks). Thanks to the TET community and to all the advriders ? keep it goin’

Beautiful scenery.

“Jan’s huband” sent us this photo of him and his 2008 Suzuki RZ 434 on the Kettle Valley rail trail on the way to Hope B.C. Canada, just east of Vancouver. The photo was taken a few weeks ago.

@bout2ride sent in this photo of his 2016 BMW R1299GS in front of his 500 year old accommodation. He writes …

I am parked in front of my room for a week, it was a former 13th century chapel. the present owner’s family renovated the chapel and made it into a villa 500 years ago. it is quite unique being inside what was once a chapel that old!

Very cool indeed.

Richard sent in this photo of his 2005 BMW GS 1200 on the Outlaw Trail in Utah. He writes …

One of my favorite rides, sometimes called the Outlaw Trail, which traverses southeastern Utah’s San Rafael Swell and leads to a favorite bandit hideout known as Robbers Roost. Along the way, look for ancient Anasazi pictographs, spectacular sandstone cliffs and plunging gorges. Also, keep an eye on the skies! Those lowering clouds signaled impending rain, which made for several miles of muddy road before my wheels finally touched pavement at the tiny farming community of Elmo.

The photo was taken on the Sigma DP-1 (quite a unique camera), set on a Trekpod with a ten second shutter delay.

Bwheeler245 sent in this photo which was taken earlier at Hancock Pass while riding the Colorado Backcountry Discovery Route (COBDR) with his father and a friend. This bike is the 2015 KTM KLR650

Thanks to all the inmates who sent in photos this week.

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