While I am sweltering in the Southern heat, my Northern Hemisphere friends and inmates are looking forward to seeing the end of winter and getting their ready for spring.  We are running low on photos for Photos of the Week so please dig into your archives and send them in

This week’s stunning featured image (above) is from @Caseyb in Moab, Utah. He wrote …

Taken at Mineral Bottom Road, Moab Utah at the end of October 2019.I had just set up my tent and was going to get my sleeping bag, when I was coming back I saw that my tent was glowing. I rushed to get my drone in the air and caught one sweet sunset. Taken with DJI Mavic 2 Pro – set to HDR mode. The bike is a 2019 KTM 790 Adventure R.

The perfect sunset. Well done Casey.

Santa and Ms. Claus Just Before Christmas

@Belmoresr wrote …

Riding down a 4 Lane in Pooler, Ga. I passed Santa and Ms Claus. I slowed back down and got the picture. Wish I had done a video as Santa was Ho Ho Ho!

Reindeer are not as much fun as a 2014 Harley Davidson Electra Glide Ultra Limited (my touring bike identification skills are lacking, so correct me in the comments below if I am wrong).

Chasing Rainbows

@Ez-e-adventure took this stunning photo of on a ride from Puerto Varas to Ushuai, Chile. This photo was taken near Torres del Paine, Chile. The bike is a BMW 650 GS.

6000km in Western Australia

@Traveller13 took this photo a few years ago in the North West of Western Australia heading out on a 2-week 6000km tour with a 2015 BMW R1200GS and a 2010 BMW R1200GS.

He wrote …

Camped on the DeGrey river in the North West of Western Australia in 2017 on a two week 6000km trek. This was the trip where we planned our impending Lap of Australia in August an September 2020.

The Colla di Langan

@Safarinjema sent us this spectacular photo of his 2009 Honda Innova 125 in Italy. He wrote …

This is at the northern end of the Ligurien boarder ridge road September`15, Italy. Coming from Ventimiglia at the coast, the Colla di Langan was the southern starting point into the ridge road. Bumpy or not, it`s just a very beautiful ride, many km above 2000 m. Enjoying the stillness up there while lying in the grass, having fantastic views into the valleys on this more than 60 km long, old gravel military road.

Palms to Pines Highway

Earlier this month @strongleftleg went on vacation. He wrote …

On a recent vacation to Palm Springs, I had the opportunity to rent a 2017 Yamaha Super Tenere for three days. Under gorgeous blue skies I rode through Joshua Tree, Hwy 74, 38, 18, up to Big Bear Lake and plenty more. A great place to ride, especially when the weather back home means the bike is parked in the garage for the next couple of months. These pictures were taken on the Palms to Pines Highway.

Thank you for everyone who sent in photos this month. Please keep them coming!

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