Thank you to everyone who submitted photos for our 2021 Photos of the week. Please keep them coming in. If your photo was not published this week, don’t worry, we have not lost any and it will be published in a subsequent week. Now onto our first photo.

That “rode hard and put up dry” look suits this 2016 Husqvarna 701 Enduro and its lakeside campsite (above). @Hoschiyama found Croatia’s Lake Jezero Kruščica on a map and thought he might spend the night there, but getting to it wasn’t as easy as just following a map.

Took me about an hour over small rocky pretty bad and damaged single roads. But it was worth the effort. Ideal space to camp, a shady tree, private beach 😉 and an amazing view.

The lake is east of the Velebit mountain range and appears—judging by a map, anyway—to be the largest body of water in the vicinity. Wouldn’t you love to dive right in? This photo, taken with a Sony Z3C, perfectly captures the feeling of an ideal campsite reached after a long afternoon, so it’s our featured image of the week.

Aspens ablaze

@Alpina was out on his 2011 Suzuki DR650 in the late fall of 2020 when he spied this side-of-the-road scene (below) along Colorado Highway 67 southwest of Denver.  Shot with a Canon EOS RP, this picture pays homage not just to the brilliantly yellow fall aspens of the mountain territory, but Composition’s rule of thirds. Good depth of field, too—you know what they say, “F8 and be there!”

Some salt with that?

After 22 rideless years, @frizzen wised up and bought the 2008 V-Strom 650 you see below, which led him a month later (Nov. 4, 2017) to this misty view of El Capitán in Guadalupe Mountains National Park. To get his Canon point-and-shoot pointed right, he pulled over at the historical marker for the El Paso Salt War on US 180, around 60 miles east of El Paso, Texas.

From junk to spectacular

They had planned to ride the Utah and Colorado Back Country Discovery routes, the Uintah Mountains, and Dinosaur National Park, but a snowstorm piled onto the area on Labour Day 2020, leaving @AzMtnThumper and AzAfricaTwin scrambling to find a clear ride.

I used a hotel lobby desktop to map us out a ride south of the storm. It turned out to be a great trip. The off the cuff ride through the Tushar Mtns was spectacular!

AzMtnThumper shot his 2016 Kawasaki KLR650 in the Tushar Mountains, below, with an old Samsung camera that his wife gave up on and he pulled out of the junk drawer.

A fire of rain

The Peace Trail in Arizona was overtaken by a late afternoon rain in December 2019 when 1strax was out on his 2014 KTM 690 Enduro R. The photo below, taken with a Samsung Note 10, shows what can happen when a setting winter sun casts its rays through moist air.

Colorado riding

@Junya was photographed with his 2014 KTM 500 XCW in September 2019 after riding over the 10,707-foot Schofield Pass in Colorado’s Elk Mountains.  Below, he’s outside of Crested Butte.

Big run little bike

His first run on new 2021 Honda CT125 took G19Tony 180 miles around Lake Mead on the Colorado River near Las Vegas. This photo was taken late this winter at Stewarts Point in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area.


When ADVChiro and his wife took the 2013 V-Strom 650 from Atlanta to Denver, he wrote that it was a dream honeymoon—three weeks of back-road riding and a whole lot of memories.

We encountered tornados, hail, 109°F in Texas, camping, off-roading, laughter, homemade ice cream, walking into lakes totally ATGAT, and 4,200 miles. What an adventure!

Roads of Bolivia

The mountain roads of southwestern Bolivia between Uyuni and Sucre offer good pavement, wonderful views, and scant traffic, says @Gerineldo (below).

However, always stay alert to free roaming livestock, wildlife and dogs.

Always good advice. That’s a 2014 BMW R1200R Classic scraping the Bolivian pavement.

Colorado back roads

Riding south toward Lake City, Colorado, on the COBDR, @Bemitten stopped long enough to snap a photo with his Canon S21S. That’s a 2011 BMW GS Adventure he’s riding (below). It’s 3 years older now, but that doesn’t make it a 2008 model.

Trails and passes

@MVI says he took a week-long trip to the Silverton, Colorado, area in 2019 and rode most of the trails and passes on his 2019 Honda CRF450L. The photo below was taken up Stony Pass.

Year One

It was Ian’s first year of riding when he took the 2016 Triumph Tiger XRT up the Cherohala Skyway in Tennessee and shot this pic (below), a little more than a year ago.

Oregon scenics

A year ago come June, @No-Fret rode his 2019 KTM 790S to Hell’s Canyon in Oregon and met up with a Walla Walla riders’ group in Enterprise. Note the intense colors, below.

Idaho grasslands

That’s a 2017 Yamaha SCR950 that @Dread took out for his last ride of the year in 2019. The photo above was taken on the Camas Prairie in Idaho, his home state.

Looking Glass tunnels

@Rick Danger  was somewhere in southern Utah about 3 years ago when he glanced in the mirror and thought he was coming instead of going. He pulled over on his 2007 BMW R1200GS Adventure and with one tunnel in his mirror and another in his sights, took a picture.

Below, Rick Danger shows us how far west he got more than 3 years ago on a ride from New York to California on the R1200GS.

Thin air

In the fall of 2019 @Ohio_Danimal rode to the top of Huascaran Pass in Peru, where the air is rare: 15,500 feet (below).

Ohio_Danimal shot the pic of his 2011 Suzuki DR650 with a Nikon B500.

Moto-camping tour

@Skunk-Works was touring around southern Utah at the beginning of October 2020 when he decided to cap at Muley-Point and made this shot. He was riding a 2014 Yamaha Super Tenere.

Cold and beautiful

In 2014 @rob hired a 2013 BMW GS650 in Peru and made a loop of the bottom half of the country in the middle of winter. In an area called Cabanaconde, he found this frozen roadside (below).

Cold (obviously) but beautiful clear days and no rain. This is in an area called Cabanaconde. A diff- erent little town each night, a hostel, a pizzeria, a bar—of sorts.

A pinnacle

On his 2008 BMW GS Adventure, @Slightlydented made a tour of the Valley of the Gods in southeastern Utah in 2013 and brought home this photo, below.

Slightlydented also sent us this chilly shot from Pikes Peak, Colorado, which he shot in May 2019.

A dusty night

Last June @Spoilyfarts was heading down into Searles Valley on the way to Death Valley when a dust story rolled in and trapped him (below, click to expand).

We hope you enjoyed the second Photos Of The Week of 2021. Look out for next week’s edition on Friday, and please remember to submit photos.


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