Hello Inmates, and welcome back to ADVrider’s world famous Photos of the Week, featuring your pictures from around the globe. We have a picture of a well-traveled young lady adventurer to start you off on your journey this week. This is @fortrider‘s wife and her BMW 750 GS, photographed recently with a little thing we like to call Denali in the background. Ms. Fortrider, we are told, rode all lower 48 states and seven Canadian provinces plus (or maybe including) Newfoundland and Labrador in 1979, and since then has put her two wheels down in Hawaii, Spain, and Mexico (and, of course, Alaska). Because at ADVrider we love to see women riding the world, and because Ms. Fortrider has made a good start on that (only 192 more countries to go! She’ll have it done by Christmas) and, most of all, because after 42 years of riding she deserves to be on the front page of world famous POTW, she is our Featured Image this week.

No, it’s not Harley’s new ADV

This “contraption” was spotted by @Tjilpi as he rode past a bike shop near Thaton in Thailand a few months ago. We’re not sure what model it is, but we hear it’s got a 20,000 mile warranty on the fork tread.

Maybe get a perm, then

When @The Bear rode the green bike in the photograph below to Maclean, a “kind of faux-Scottish town in New South Wales” on a Northern Rivers ride a few months ago, there developed a problem with the clutch of a BMW ridden by a friend. They stopped in at the place shown below to have it looked at. Excuse me, can you fix my BMW’s clutch? “No, I can’t.” Why, can’t you get the parts? “No, I can’t get the parts, because I’m a hair dresser.”

Is that rock wobbling?

The 2013 BMW F700 GS below was new to @Pathfinder33 when he took it late in June on a western U.S. round. “My first such bike. It did everything I wanted it to.”

Colorado to Utah

The 2011 Husqvarna te 630 was “up to the task, putting in a solid 10-hour day,” says @Mtnmoto71, when he left home in Steamboat on July 1 and rode south on the Colorado BDR and then north on the Utah BDR to meet bhis wife and kids at Bear Lake. “A highlight of the trip was Valley of the Gods to Moab over Hurrah Pass. A tad hot at 100+.”

More of Mtnmoto71’s photos below.

Salted and dried

This summer has been a historic one for many reasons, including the dehydration of the Great Salt Lake in Utah, which has shrunk by half, says @Right Turn Clyde, who beat a different path with his 2016 BMW GS AW.

While more than a few Inmates have ridden around the Lake, tracing the marvellous abandoned TransCon Railroad bed, a more stark (and rarely traveled) route is the east/west ribbon of stone bisecting the Lake. This is the current Union Pacific RR causeway. Trains today cross on these twin rails, and thereby avoid the circuitous former route thanks to this man-made alternative. Stretching 20 miles, the narrow corridor (a service road parallels the tracks) also divides the Great Salt Lake into two distinct salinity levels. Now, however, the plummeting water levels reveal only vast brine/mud flats stretching into the distance where earlier in the year there lapped waves. Should this shocking change be a surprise? Mark Riesner foretold of such a future in his western literary “crystal ball” entitled Cadillac Desert. The only question Utahns need ask is what will we see on the horizon in years to come?

Who’s got the remote?

This relaxed trio greeted @michaellmcc a few days ago when he rode his 2021 BMW R1250 GS Anniversary to Austin, Texas.

On a clear day

You can see forever—or at least to the Rockies in the western United States. Photo by @alpina, who marvelled that with all the forests ablaze this summer he found a patch of blue sky while he was scouting a few days ago for a place for an upcoming wedding that he will officiate.

Counting the miles

The 1994 Honda ST1100 ridden by The Chief was getting up there in mileage when he set himself a difficult challenge.  Take a look, and then he’ll tell you about it below the pic. Check the trip meter.

I had seen a photo on an Aerostich cover, also showing an odo with all-consecutive numbers, but starting with an initial zero . . . and I knew I could do better! So in rare display of forward thinking, I did the “maffs” and calculated when I would need to last hit, and then NOT TOUCH, the trip odo’s reset button, in order for all the digits to play out as shown. (Since I typically used the trip odo as a backup to the fuel gage, I had to invent some way to not accidentally reset it in the interim, hence the blue tape over the button!)”The Number” was looming as I saddled up in San Francisco and headed south on 101, towards the baseball batting cages I periodically visited down in Redwood City. And by “looming” I mean that it was a toss-up as to whether I’d hit it while still on the freeway, or be able to pull off onto the streets and more safely fine-tune that all-important tenths digit. Worst of all worlds! It was clear that I would need to stop on an exit ramp in order to get the shot. But that I did, as all the world can now see. Cherry on top (?): after taking the pic, only when I arrived at my destination a mile or so later did I learn that the entire family entertainment park, including those batting cages, had been torn down not very long before! Bike now has 144K on the clock, somehow still going strong on the OEM 28A alternator.

Just another day’s ride

Our friend @nakulmalik sent the following images taken from a GoPro Hero 9 after a ride a few weeks ago to Spiti Valley in the Himalayas. The motorcycle napping in the dirt is a 2020 BMW R1250 GS.

Alpine road trip

The SWM Superdual T 650 shown below was ridden by @MotoSly in June on a five-day excursion on the TET in the Italian Alps. “Due to Covid, me and my buddy were the only ones on the TET, and what normally were very touristic places were completely empty.” Timing is everything.

Views of the mainland

@pgduncan61 was on top of the world in British Columbia when he scaled the logging roads on Mt. Washington, Vancouver Island, for a view of the Strait of Georgie and the coastal mountains of mainland B.C. The bike is a 2020 KTM Super Adventure S and the photo was shot a couple of weeks ago.

Cold nights

@Nicobico says he parked his 2012 BMW R1200 GS Sport Triple Black during a sub-zero evening last July at Cambara do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, in Brazil, “while we stayed by the fireplace in the log cabin.” The region attracts off-road riders, he says, who “enjoy visiting the Itaimbezinho (canyons) National Park.

Somewhere in Thailand

We are on a mountain road between Chiang Mai and the Mekong River, says @Tjilpi, who shot this photo of his Honda Africa Twin a few years ago.

North Carolina

It was in the area of North Carolina’s Mount Mitchell that @7seas10 stopped his 2019 Yamaha Super Tenere a couple of weeks ago to shoot the two photos below. Nice country. Click the first one for a better look.

Hard riding

@LogHouseBikers was riding the north half of section 2 of the Washington BDR with his son, Randall, when this photo was taken in late July. “That was a hard stretch!” The bike? Why, it’s a 2018 Royal Enfield Himalayan, of course!

Hold on, I’m coming!

Well, if you’re coming for us, buddy, don’t hurry. We’re just not that sick. He “couldn’t pass up the photo opportunity” when @lostinthewoods4ever ran across this rat bike ambo in Ethiopia on a Cape-to-Cairo ride some months ago.

And now, the time has come. With a wish for good health for all in Ethiopia and elsewhere in this tired old world, we will bid you goodnight, dear Inmates, but we’ll remind you, too, to submit photos, because we’re running low, and you know what that means.

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