Hello Inmates and welcome to ADVrider’s Photos of the Week number 21 for ’21! We’re starting off today with a colorful image by @RRVT, who shot it a couple of weeks ago on the road leading to a remote town in Ecuador called Pucará, which is near Cuenca, with his Suzuki DR650 by his side. The greens and blues in the image, the sky full of movement and light, the vegetation in the foreground and the mountains in the near and far background—all of comes together in a way that makes us feel the breezes on that high road and want to get on that Suzuki and ride.

Mountains of Washington

A clear day on the first of August allowed this photo of Mt. Ranier in the Washington Cascades range for @wildbill73 a couple of weeks ago. “Did a few gravel roads to get around Mt. Adams, to Packwood . . . great area to ride.” Packwood is a little place roughly halfway between Tacoma and Yakima. And Wildbill73’s motorcycle is another Suzuki, a DR650.

Is that a log or a croc?

The 2015 KTM 690 ADV below is a very lucky motorcycle because it’s on a 1,000 km trip from Cairns to the northernmost tip of Australia,”almost all off road with stunning river crossings and challenges galore,” recalls Inmate Verno, who was aboard the orange express when it made that trip a few years ago.

But Verno wasn’t alone. He had some blokes with him and, like everyone from England, they were picky about their reptilian campmates. Click the pic below.

My three English mates were worried about the big crocodiles up there and scouted every creek before crossing. Could not have had more fun in two weeks and a highly recommended trip to anyone who has the opportunity to get up there.

What’s mine is ours

A couple of weeks ago @Steinarsv took his 2011 KTM 990 Adventure R on an “epic trip” to Røros, a 400 km drive north from Oslo, in Norway. You may ask, “Why?” To visit the Christianus Sextus mine, of course!

The first period of production at Sextus lasted until 1768. In 1882 production started up again and continued until 1939.

From India to Tibet

Our friend @NakulMalik toured some remote parts of India in recent weeks and shares these photos with us, all taken on his trip to Spiti Valley, Himachal Pradesh.

Below, Khab sangam, which is the confluence of the Spiti River and the Sutlej, which runs out of Mansarovar Lake in Tibet. “If you look closely you can see two different colors of water meeting near the bridge.” Click the pic.

And below, our good friend Nakul at the Kinnaur border on his 2020 BMW R 1250 GS. Nakul, by the way, has written to inform us that he has quite a few more photos to submit from his India travels, so stay tuned for more good things.

Buy first, here are two more from Nakul, from his travels in India. Both take us to a campsite at a village called Rakcham. And we’ll let Nakul take over for the explanation.

Rakcham is a small village near Chitkul — the last village on the old Hindustan-Tibet trade route and also the last point visitable by civilians before the Tibet border.

Over the rainbow

According to @Alpina, the photo below gives us a  view of the Bluebird Lodge which when it was built in 1872 was called the Wentworth. The name was changed in 1920. “It’s a 9 room lodge that is still open and available.” Alpina did not say where the Bluebird Lodge is located, but since he resides in Denver, we had a look around Colorado, and sure enough, there it was, in a place called Gold Hill, which is near Boulder, a location that makes it even more appealing. And lo and behold, here is another Suzuki DR650.

Meanwhile, in Wonderful Utah!

Here is my countrymann @JohnStrom, situated at Moab with his 2019 Beta 390RS. The picture was taken some months ago, and we’ll ask him to tell you what he’s doing there, below.

A buddy and I trailered our bikes from Ontario, Canada, to Moab, Utah, for a week of riding the trails. This picture of me and the 390 is on the White Rim trail, a great ride for riders of most skill levels (provided you have a big enough gas tank).

Hawaiian Harley

The poke place shown below, as well as the rented H-D and @The Bear, are at the end of the road to Hana, in Hawaii. “Great lunch!” Those of you who don’t know what “poke” is will just have to go to Hawaii and report back to us. Off you go, now! Send us some pics.

Why are all those flowers staring at me?

Below, another Suzuki, a 2017 DR650. Photo taken a few days ago, in sunflower country, USA, by @Stlskybob.

And a few more from our friend in India

Nakulmalik sends us another half dozen pics and they’re just too good to put on the waiting list. These are from his trip to the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh.

And we can’t think of a better send-off for the week than these remarkable views of India. Remember to submit photos; it’s your talent, adventurous spirit, and generosity that make ADVrider’s POTW the best POTW in Kansas or anywhere else. And come back often; we promise to do our best to keep you entertained in a grand way. Cheers!

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