Hello again, Inmates, and here is another week’s selection of your photographs, scenes from around the world sent in by motorcycle riders with the spirit of adventure stamped into their psyches. Here we have a submission from an Inmate we haven’t seen before, @fergstrom, who shot this picture of his 2014 Suzuki DR650 (“complete with nearly 40-year-old Gearsack saddlebags”) at Rocky Plain Campground Kosciuszko National Park in New South Wales. This photo was taken in June 2019, but fergstrom sent in some other pictures, including the shot below of a  1974 Ducati 860 GT and “a very youthful looking and happy Dr Fergstrom,” photographed around 1982 near Nowendoc in the same Australian state as our Featured Image. Scratched, faded, and a little out of focus, the shot below still manages to convey the feeling of being young and free. Also, have you seen a 1974 Ducati that isn’t scratched and faded? Then it probably hasn’t been run, either.

And below, more from the good doctor, this one of a 1985 BMW R80 on the road to the infamous Triple T (Thrashers Terrible Trek) bike rally, shot around 1995 on the Little Wombeyan Fire Trail in New South Wales.

And below, another view of fergstrom’s DR, making friends with a KTM 640 Adv in April 2018 at Pinch River campground in Kosciuszko National Park.

Squamish is a place?

No, it’s a state of mind. But it’s also a few klicks north of Vancouver, on the left side of British Columbia, and it’s a launching pad for some of western Canada’s best paved and unpaved roads. But it’s also known (for obvious reasons) as Sea to Sky Country, and according to @offworlder it’s where you’ll find “many trails and beautiful backcountry.” The photos below, featuring a 2021 KTM 890 R Rally, were shot within the past few months.

Mountains? You want mountains?

Okay, we’ll give you mountains. Courtesy of @nakul, who supplies these images of the peaks of Himachal Pradesh in India, all photographs taken recently with an iPhone XS Max on a tour of the Spiti Valley aboard his 2020 BMW R 1250 GS.

Alaska highways

A couple of months ago, @KennyBooBear was invited to join Royal Enfield on a tour of Alaska, “a truly epic ride through some of the best spots the state has to offer.” The photo below was taken by the Windy Creek Trail, “almost smack dab in the middle of the Denali Highway.”

And below, “the next day as we neared the end of the road. In focus is the Gulkana Glacier.”

It would be unwise to refer to riding Alaska as anything less than breathtaking. In total we spent 11 days riding about 2,000 miles. We spent our 8th day resting and enjoying the little exploits McCarthy had to offer, including riding up to the top of the Bonanza Mine Trail — a road that a local suggested would be very difficult to ride to the top of, but well worth the journey. The last part of the trail to the Bonanza Mine only allows hikers which the area was devoid of, but Jesse, Johnny and I made our way far enough up the trail to sift through some of the ruins and enjoy the water crashing down below us. As we hiked back down, we were greeted by the Kennicott Glacier Moraine and surrounding peaks glowing with what remained of the 11:00PM twilight. 

Rain, rain, gone away

With dry weather at last, @JohnnieK took his 2012 Honda XR650L out for a “long ride on the back roads” of South Africa about two weeks ago.

It was one of those perfect riding days, no wind, 20 degrees (Celsius) and sunny. Photo was taken in the Cape Winelands with the young wheat growing nicely in front of the mountains.

Just another DR650

Hey, that’s what he called it, so don’t blame us. He being @alpina, and he and his just another whatever were photographed in Colorado, USA, on the Upper Apex Road in Gilpin County. And that, my friends, is just south of the Apex Mine. Say, I think I’ve seen that Suzuki before!

20 miles of good road

Is better than 20 miles of bad. And good road with lots of twisties is what @zuus found when he took his 2020 KTM 790 Adventure to Lake Ozette in northwest Washington a couple of weeks ago.

Into the mountains

In Lao People’s Democratic Republic, @Tjilpi photographed his 2016 Honda CRF250L at Vang Vieng after dropping off his luggage and heading into “the superb mountains” a few years ago.

Light and shade

It catches the eye, doesn’t it? This particular light and shade caught the eye of Jason a few years ago while riding his 1988 BMW R100 GS on the old Bennett Pass Road in Oregon. That’s Mt. Hood in the background.

Motorcycle and Canary

Honda Africa Twin, that is, and the island of Las Palmas in the Canary Islands. @TheBear was on tour with Edelweiss Bike Touring a few years ago. The volcano in the background is Teide.

Watch out for that—

The rider on the left is “Madame,” who was enjoying the road with @Erwin P along the Trans Euro Trail in Norway a couple of weeks ago, when this happened.

After some twisty hilly gravel tracks things went a little faster . . . a bit more sideways . . . and a bit flatter in the corner until Madame did a little unplanned ground research.

That’s “Rev’je (little fox) clamping onto the flowers given to her” in the close-up below.

Just point your handlebar

After 42 years of enjoying his work, @heyDC is free to enjoy his retirement and his 2014 and a half Kawasaki KLR 650. Here, he’s on Arkansas’s Hwy 341, Push Mountain Road, but heyDC has heard that the Mississippi River starts somewhere in Minnesota, and he’s got an itch in his riding boots. Photo taken 7/31/21.

And below, heyDC’s 2006 Honda Gold Wing “chasing the TAT across the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, October 2018,” and farther down, the KLR at Scotland, Arkansas. You can send him a letter if you like.

The long road

Here are the salt marshes of Newbury, Massachusetts, photographed behind a 2020 BMW F750 GS while @dnos was enjoying a long ride “up through the North Shore” about two weeks ago.

And finally . . .

We come to the end of this week’s POTW with some glorious color, sunshine, pine trees, and mountains, all of it in Colorado, of course. And let us not forget to mention the 2003 Suzuki DR650 of @guywithchickens, photographed on the northern side of McClure Pass between Carbondale and Paonia in May of this year.

Well, folks, here we are again, and once again, many thanks for sending in the photos. We love seeing them and showing them to you, so keep it up!  And we’ll see you again next week.

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