Hello again, ADVrider Inmates, and welcome to the 25th edition of POTW, whatever that stands for. Today, we have a Featured Image for you that struck us as unusual and very crisp. The hill, the sky, and two riders on dual-sport bikes, one of which is a 2021 KTM 500 EXC-F, ridden by @AEsco48 in late August in Colorado. What struck us about this photo was its purity and starkness; there are only two objects of interest, and they are small in that picture, but they are not dominated by it. You can see that the concentration of the lower rider is sharply focussed, and you can see where he is going and, thanks to the rider above him, where he has come from. They sky is crisp and blue and is cut in a triangle, which leaves only the hill, also a triangle but made of layered and crumbled rock, steeply descending, and giving no clue to its location or what it might give onto. A river, perhaps, or a city, or a spaceport. Who knows? This picture draws your eye, shows you where to look, and keeps you guessing, if you choose. For that all, it’s our featured image of the week. It’s not the only pic from AEsco48, however: we’ll come back to him and his ride in Colorado later on.

Black water reflecting

It was 2016 “and we stayed home,” says Foxyvstrom, who shot this photo in Victoria, which is a city in Australia, “at a place called the Ink Pot. The water was black, hence the great reflections.” You’ll need to see it a bit larger to appreciate the black water reflections, but with a click, you can do that.

Leaning rocks

The 2018 Suzuki DR650 in the photo below was ridden by @napster to the Aeolian Buttes near Lee Vining in California and was photographed just a few weeks ago.

Pondering the quarry

He was in the Ridge Forest of India’s Aravali Hills, overlooking an abandoned rock quarry, when @nakulmalik surprised himself with a self-portrait a few weeks ago.

And below, more from Nakul, photos taken on the banks for the Yamuna River on a “lazy Saturday morning ride,” about 150 km from Delhi.

Salt flats

Jason and a friend “did a little ride out to the salt flats in California” a few months ago on a  Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro and a Husqvarna 701 Enduro. We’re guessing that photo effects were added digitally in this pic and the shot below it, where Jason and his buddy are “up in the mountains in LA.”

Featured Image #2

We intended to call this shot our Featured Image for the week, but something about the one we finally settled on was just too good, so this one gets a hearty “Well done!” and runner-up status. It’s northern Kenya in a “remote, wild and dangerous” area, says @sonnymotox, who took the pic a few weeks ago while riding his 2013 KTM 690 Enduro. See it bigger.

Ahoy there!

In Wyoming a few months ago @jnoot shot the picture below of his 2020 KTM 500 6 Days in front of Steamboat Rock.

A very good year

It was somewhere around 1986 when @fergstrom shot the pic below of his 1981 Ducati SL600 with a custom NCR race fairing at the Richmond Bridge in Tasmania. He says the image is a smartphone shot of a “rapidly deteriorating film camera photo,” and notes that the Australian-made Gearsack saddlebags are still in “heavy use” on a DR650. “What a fantastic bit of gear and such a shame they haven’t been made for many years.”

Below, another shot by fergstrom, featuring a 2007 Suzuki V-Strom and a 2021 BMW GS, near the New South Wales-Queensland border.

Norwegian wood

Well, they might be plastic for all we know, but “this is how you carry your skis as close to the snow as possible” in Norway, says cbx1047, who shot the photo of his 1999 Aprilia Pegaso 650 carrying his skis and poles a few years ago.

Canadian sunrise

We’re looking west in the photo below as the sun rises behind us to illuminate a 2007 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom and the Chance Cove rock cut along the Trans-Canada Highway in Newfoundland a few weeks ago. Shot taken by Shyoung113.

Iron what?

It’s his first Iron Butt ride and @oscar_whiskey is stopping for fuel for his Triumph Tiger 800 XCa and food for its rider in rural Michigan about two weeks ago.

In the hills

Our friend @Tjilpi is visiting an Akha hilltribe village near Chiang Rai in Thailand with his Honda Africa Twin. “These gorgeous kids don’t get to see large bikes, so this was a special occasion for them.” They’re a few years older now, but still kids and still gorgeous.


Gettin’ high for a good cause

The following eight images were snapped late in August by our Featured Image photographer, @AEsco48, when he and his 2021 KTM 500 EXC-F (and a few other people, obviously) were taking part in the 45th run of the Colorado 500, a charity ride that has raised more than $2.6 million for organizations in the Colorado area. This week’s Featured Image was part of this series.

Up through the years

And for our final set of images, we have some annual pix from Foxyvstrom, starting in 2014 with his 2012 Suzuki DL650 in Tasmania — “Great place for a week or two of peg-to-peg riding with great scenery and a few mates.”

In 2015, our correspondent was in Europe, on the same bike, “starting in the UK and traveling across Europe to Albania and Montenegro where this photo was taken. Koto harbour is in the background.” That one was three months of camping and riding.

For 2017 he and his wife hird a motorcycle and rode down through Chile to the end of the road, then back up through Argentina. The photo below was taken at Ushuaia. (Foxyvstrom’s 2016 photo is right below our Featured Image for this week, and his 2018 photo was, oddly enough, our Featured Image last week.)

In 2019 he

Just had to go to Morocco. Missed it in 2015 so this time we went. Started in the UK and caught a ferry to Spain and Portugal before going to Morocco. This was a great ride if a bit hot at times. This photo was taken in Marrakech where even the GPS had given up trying to find our digs for the night. A local helped us out. This ride was cut short when I became very ill so I still have the rest of Spain and France to do yet.

More 2019 riding—how does he do it? It’s love . . .

I just love the Australian outback. This photo is the perfect setting for me, the Suzuki, my tent, neat sunset and the nearest person over 100 km away. I ride across to Perth about every 2 years to see mates and family, it is about a 3,000 km or 2,000 mile return ride. I have ridden the Nullarbor about 20 times on a motorcycle.

And finally, a virus that travels more, and faster, than foxyvstrom; it stops him in his tracks. Here we have the trusty 2012 DL650 in the garage, Aussies are in lockdown and can’t ride more than 5 km, so for 2020 the photo is “my collection with the V-Strom biting the bit and wanting to go. We have canceled the following rides: USA and Mexico again, Perth and Darwin twice and many other rides. One day.”

All right, Inmates, it’s time to turn out the lights and call it a day (or a week). But we’ll be back, you can be assured of that, because many of you heard our plea for more photos, and we’re anxious to show them to you. Keep submitting, please, and come back, and let’s all hope that the virus that stopped the Aussie in the photo above and thousands of others surrenders to good sense, modern medicine, the kindness of nations, and the riding needs of ADVrider Inmates everywhere!

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