Hello again, Inmates! Here we are at POTW no. 26 for the year and we are in Scotland! Our friends mod4ever and Ms mod4ever are Vesping across the land of castles and lochs and, according to our friend Wikipedia, shortbread, jet engines, buses, and a bunch of other crap, but also scotch whiskey, for which we, loyal scotchists, will forever hold them and their wonderful country close to our hearts. With just a drop or two of water, please, to open up the flavor. And here, mod4ever says that even with small wheels such as his 1985 Piaggio Vespa PX200 Arcobaleno, “you can do great things.” We chose this photo for several reasons: they look happy, truly and deservedly happy; the background of castle and loch are perfectly framed and the use of depth of field is effective, and, well, it’s Scotland, and the land of kilts and caber tossing deserves to be in a Featured Image once in a while. See more images from mod4ever below, and see a larger version of our Featured Image here.

I know that you are not used to seeing pictures of “small wheels” on this site, yet I can guarantee you that with small wheels you can do great things: during my travels, I have crossed Europe from Scotland to Sicily, and from Spain to the Czech Republic, always with a lot of fun and . . . a lot of calm! Arranging the photos in my archive, I found these from 2010, taken during the trip to Scotland. The Vespa is a PX 200 cc Arcobaleno m.y. 1985. For some years I have been using the bike for long journeys, due to back pain, but the Vespa is always in my DNA. Greetings from Italy!

And, of course, from Scotland!

Montana back country

It was just a few years ago that @YankeeLake toured Montana on his 2018 KTM 530 EXC, below.

Stopover at Upper Jacko Lake, Montana, on fire trails thru private and reservation land from St. Ignatious to Seeley Lake, Montana. And back.

Clever photographer

When your background is more eye-catching than the people in the foreground, you have to make a decision; this one was right: a fine-looking trio of riders for sure, but that Utah background (ahh, Wonderful Utah!) is sensational. For what to focus the lens of his Nikon DF on, we thank @APJ, who caught this one just a few weeks ago at Balanced Rock Arches National Park while on a 1500-mile loop through southern Utah with two friends, riding a KTM 890 and two 790s. Click for a big pic.

If you want comfort,

stay on the couch. Here, @sonnymotox takes us on a run down the Akirim Plateau “into the most inhospitable place in Kenya, the Suguta Valley,” aboard a 2013 KTM 690 Enduro. Shot within the last few weeks.

Not on, for now

Here’s a shot to break your heart, courtesy of Fergstrom. It’s from the Triple T Rally “deep in the bush somewhere in the vicinity of Wiarborough, New South Wales, in August of 2020. But no matter how idyllic the scene, the Thrashers Terrifying Trek (misnamed as “Terrible” in a recent post) wasn’t on this year due to a COVID lockdown. Well, “it’s a challenging ride in but well worth it,” Fergstrom says. Richard and Sonya have hosted the TTT on their property for several decades, and no doubt there are many who hope for a return of the Triple T.

The ’07 Suzuki DL1000 and 2018 BMW 1200 GS below were photographed in April by Fergstrom “somewhere on Mount Lindsay Road near the New South Wales–Queensland border on an inland trip from Canberra ACT to Maroochydore Qld.”

New bike on the Ridge

Below, and for the next few images, @Tim1225 is enjoying his new bike, a 2019 Triumph Tiger XCa, on a ride along the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina.

M&M’s Adv

Some photos below from Mike and Monte’s “Excellent” CO Adv ride in August with Mike’s 2020 KTM 790 Adventure and fellow Inmate Montek’s 2017 Africa Twin. The shot below is in the White Mountains of Arizona, on Hwy 260 between Pinetop and Springerville.

These pictures were from Mike and Monte’s Excellent CO ADV ride Aug 14 -21, 2021. I am from Cave Creek, Arizona, and buddy and inmate Montek is from Rapid City, South Dakota. We used to ride together 10 years ago when we both lived in the White Mountains of AZ (Pinetop). Decided to reconnect and ride in W. Colorado for 5 days together. He put together a 50:50 asphalt to dirt ride. Met in Chama, New Mexico, on Sunday the 15th. Crisscrossed around the western Rockies and ended up in Dinosaur National Monument where we split for home. Me: 2,500 mi door to door. Together in Colorado, 1,200 miles. Camped all nights but 1 (rain and laundry :))

Below, El Malpais National Monument, south of Grants, New Mexico.

Below, the La Ventana Arch at El Malpais.

The Rio Grande National Forest, Colorado,  on Forest Road 250 near Platoro and Stunner Pass.

Forest Road 788 (below) north of Creede heading to Los Pinos Pass.

Owl Creek Pass, east of Ridgeway on Owl Creek Pass Road, heading to camp.

Below, a primo campsite on a river near the Silver Jack Reservoir.

And here we take a break, because Mak’in Bacon was generous with his photo submission, but I am not. More of his photos for sure, but next week, but this is enough for now. Except, well, for just this last one, from the same Inmate but on a different ride.

I ventured out this past April on a solo 3 day moto ADV trip to remote SE AZ and SW NM. This photo is first night wild camping near the Chiricahua National Monument in the Coronado NF. Just taken with my Samsung phone the light created a “screen saver” quality pic for me. The next day ventured into NM and rode the Geronimo Trail (dirt from south of Animas, NM to Douglas, AZ and then overnighted in Bisbee.

En route . . . India

Here are some shots from @nakulmalik, who sends the following from a trip from Langza to Komic to Demul in India. Langza, he says, is at 4,400 m in the Spiti Valley “and is known for an abundance of marine fossils from the Triassic period.” Hmm, must’ve been before my time. In the first pic below, you can see a pack of Spiti horses, a breed that is currently deemed to be at risk, grazing freely.

Without any idea if this narration is connected to the picture below, we’ll tell you that Nakulmalik says Komic, at 4,572 m, is the highet village in the world that’s connected with a motorable road.”

Nakulmalik was riding his 2020 BMW R 1250 GS and the pics were taken a few months ago. For a better view of the pano below, click!

Farewell, old friend

That’s @Knucklehead’s “best friend Charlie” supervising while the Inmate washes his bike, a 2016 Africa Twin. The photo was taken months ago and we’re guessing that Charlie is no longer with Knucklehead, because he tells us, “I miss him so much.” Understandable.

And we’ll miss you, because it’ll be another whole seven days before we’re back with more photos. But if you look at these ones slowly, you can make them last, can’t you? Just stretch them out, count the pixels or something. Charlie looks like a nice dog, doesn’t he?

Thanks again to all of you for submitting photos, and you know we’re grateful. Keep it up, please, and we’ll try to make next week’s lot just as good as ever. One thing, though: some of you have sent quite a few pictures with one submission form, and while we’re glad to see them, we can’t use more than a half dozen or so from any one Inmate in any particular week—and preferably not more than three or four. You can submit as many as you want, of course, but dividing them among more than one sub form will make things easier here, and will make your photos more likely to be shown.

For now, then, cheers! And we look forward to seeing you again in the first week of fall, 2021.

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