Hello, Inmates, and thank you for being here. For this week’s POTW we have something special. Unfortunately, it’s not photographs that you can eat, but your eyes may enjoy a feast. This week’s Featured Image knocked us over with its dramatic perspective on an incredible landscape. Cutting off the skyline over the sandstone walls at the entrance to Cathedral Valley in Utah’s Capitol Reef National Park makes those red cliffs appear even more majestic than they are (or, more accurately, makes them appear as majestic as they really are) and was a brilliant move by photographer @APJ, and catching the four riders in formation from above and far away brings context to the image.

APJ was on a 1,500-mile loop in southern Utah with riding buddies aboard two Kawasaki KLR 650s, one BMW 650, and 1 KTM 690. Do yourself a favor and click for a bigger view.

And now for something completely different

If APJ hadn’t sent in his photo from Utah, the shot below might have been our Featured Image for the week. Captured by @Desk_Jockey on a Sunday ride just a week or two ago in the “enchanted forest” on F t. George Island near Jacksonville, Florida, this image of the Inmate’s 2017 Honda VFR1200X under the beautifully droopy trees along a curving road was made even more ethereal than it was (thereby one-upping APJ’s efforts) by converting the spectrum of this picture, shot with a Fuji X-E1 and 14 mm f/2.8 lens, to infrared wavelengths. As APJ did so masterfully, Desk_Jockey has also used composition to good effect. Well done! Click for a bigger view.

His idea of fun?

Some of the pics below make us want to question the meaning of phrases like “best trip” and “more fun,” but it seems clear that @Black Sh33p  and his buddy enjoyed their tour of southern Utah recently; but then again, it’s Wonderful Utah! See below for his version of things, and click here for a bigger version of the first image.

Did a 4 day ride through southern Utah with my buddy. We hit South Skyline Drive, a very cool dugway north of Big Water UT, the Burr trail, over the Henry mountains, and the Flint trail by Hite UT. We had to deal with the roads having been washed out by all the flash flooding this summer, which made the ride much more fun, but one switchback on the flint trail was completely gutted. Getting through the rocks on that switchback took an extensive effort which was only made more difficult by having ridden 3 full days in 100 degree heat. It was the best trip I’ve done to date! 

Black Sh33p was riding a 1992 BMW R100 GS and the photos were taken a couple of weeks ago.

Colorado flash

The photo below was taken off an iPhone vid, but the Colorado countryside, the lean angle of that 2018 KTM 1290 Super Adventure S, and the flat-topped mountain in the background look pretty good to us, and thanks to Soulo for sending. The ride was just a week or two ago.

View of the valley

This pull-out at 3,600 feet elevation provides a wonderful view of West Virginia’s Germany Valley, says @hotdogman, who made the trip over the Judy Gap west of Franklin a week or two ago on his 2013 Triumph Tiger 800. “Germany Valley is a rural area originally settled by German (including Pennsylvania Dutch) farmers in the mid-18th century. It is today a part of the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area of the Monongahela National Forest.” It’s also, he says, a “favorite ride for many on two wheels.”

There’s a desert in Morocco?

Below, a 2004 Suzuki V-Strom 650 and Christian, in the Moroccan desert, photo taken months ago during a 7,000 km trip around the country.

Saturday in the park

@bonefolder went to Evans Creek ORV park near Mount Ranier on a very recent Saturday on his 2010 Yamaha XT250 (below).

When actual posts are hard to find

—what are you gonna hang your sign on? @stlskybob and a buddy were south of Louisiana, Missouri on their 2017 DR650 and 2021 CRF450L when they spotted this outboard motor signpost.

No BS in the valley

Here we have a group of “former strangers” in a parking lot at the Ubehebe Crater in Death Valley a few months ago with Inmate @aftCG and an Africa Twin, some Guzzi Stelvios, and a V-Strom.

We had just been to “Race track” where the rocks move across the dry lake bed. Great bunch of guys to ride with. No drama, no egos, no BS.

View from above

The somewhat odd perspective below (and below) was obtained by aftCG of a rider on a 2016 Moto Guzzi Stelvio a few months ago on the road exiting the Canyonlands and headed back to Moab. They had just been on the White Rim Trail.

This shot was taken as I was standing on the pegs of my own Stelvio. My go pro was on top of my helmet and this is just a still image from the video. I knew the angle would be cool. It almost looks like a drone shot, so that is how I referred to it. I’ve also got one of our friend Heinze on his Honda AT, taken just a moment later as I caught up to him 

Just one of the little cube shape GoPro cameras on top of my helmet. I look like a damn Teletubby with it there but it gets some good images.

And here is Heinze on his Honda AT. That GoPro makes the world look round.

Just one more reason to live Down Under

The three photos below were supplied by Lucky Don, who rode his Yamaha WR 250 to the gathering in Australia. What’s goin’ on, Don?

Every year we have a Christmas ride on the first Wednesday in December.

Good on ya. Looks like you’re at a pretty good pub, there, Don. These rides must be popular.

Usually 50-90 riders all keen on having the best fun ever. Each year in a different area where the publican is a stand out winner.

A picnic with his wife, allegedly

The 1983 Suzuki GSX 750ESD and sidecar below were photographed by foxyvstrom on an illegal outing just a little while ago. He designed and built the sidecar and leading link front end in the mid ’90s, and we’ll let him tell you about the little jaunt the Ms. and he allegedly took.

I live in country Victoria and we have been in lock down in various ways since March 2020. Our limits are 5 km and daylight hours as we also have a curfew, only allowed out for medical or food. The forecast was 21C and blue skies so I asked my wife out to a picnic in the Grampian mountains. She arranged the picnic and I found the old outfit at the back of our garage. Not run since April so a battery was found and some fuel and a couple of presses on the starter and away we went. Great ride up and into the mountains, spent several hours up there in a picnic area that had had no visitors for 18 months. We even managed to not see any covid/fun Police, which is a bit hard as a bright yellow outfit and only trucks on the road means we do stand out a bit. And the fine for going for a ride, $5,000.00 each.


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