Hello, Inmates and welcome back to the world famous Photos of the Week at ADVrider dot com. Today’s Featured Image is one of those pictures that makes a fella smile and makes a gal ask What have you been doing that I don’t know about? Anyway back to the story. These two gentlemen sitting in front of a rented KTM 1050 are holding little pieces of paper with a well-known image because in the Year of our Rally 2018 they followed the Dakar, and while hosted by a “great group of Peruvian ADV riders,” they were just meters from the “actual race track.” So, it’s not a beautiful picture, it doesn’t smack of adorable photographic talent or unbelievable light, and the subjects are regular guys who probably have an open can of beer nearby. But we love it because they look so contented and pleased with things, and it makes us feel that way too, just for a little while, just a little bit. But enough. So say hello to @Panchogarrancho and his buddy, somewhere in Peru. Who wouldn’t love to have ridden to South America to see a Dakar?

Greetings from the islands

Fletcher Bay in the Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand’s North Island frames the 2017 Africa Twin ridden by @NZHina some months ago.

Below, the Africa Twin is parked at a cob cottage at the south end of Molesworth Road in Marlborough district, also on the South Island. Cob cottages were built in places where lumber was in short supply and are made of rushes, straw, and clay.

And below we meet NZHina and his partner who rides a CanAm Spyder, stopped at Irishman Creek on the main road between Mt. Cook National Park and Lake Tekapo on the South Island.

Waiting for the ferry

The old KTM 1290 waits for the Big Bar ferry in British Columbia’s Cariboo region. Brian, who can’t remember his ADV username, took the picture in late summer of this year.

Ahh, the good times

“A ride with the lads, to Hawkesbury River on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia.” The photo by Terry was obviously taken more than a few years ago, back when phones still used film to record images. There’s a 1979 Honda CB400T Hawk in the picture.

A Ural in B.C.

B.C. is British Columbia if you’re not from Canada. If you’re from Canada, B.C. is just B.C. The photo below, by @MGV8, was taken recently on a ride into the Interior of the province on his 2008 BMW/Ural 1200 GS.. That’s Chilcotin Lake, and our correspondent says it was “a bit of work to get here, but every bit worth it.”

Just one of the stops on my gravel travels around B.C. The trips would be easier on two wheels but what is the point of that. Plus I don’t fall over, just get stuck a lot.

The calm, and then the not calm

The photo below was taken by @schmittenhymer recently on a tour in Quebec, another of Canada’s provinces.

4 of us are on a 3 day tour called the Swisha Loop. It starts and ends in Gatineua, Quebec. It was 900 kms. This shot is from one of the logging roads, where we met a couple logging trucks head-on! During one encounter, I had to hit the ditch. I call this pic, the calm before the terror!

Baja Assault

The next six images were taken very recently on a three-day trip to the Baja Peninsula aboard a Yamaha TƩnƩrƩ. Photographer, @duhrider.

Three day trip to Baja this past Labor Day Weekend. Stayed on the Pacific Coast where the weather was awesome all weekend long. Needed a coat for the morning rides. The Tenere 700 is just awesome on the road and on the dirt.

Pucker up!

Here we have a shot by @fergstrom taken two years ago, and we’ll let the photographer tell you about it below the pic.

This photo was taken in September 2019 at the iconic McKillops Bridge over the mighty Snowy River in the Snowy River National Park, in North Eastern Victoria, Australia. (That’s my mate Garth with his bought from new 640 in the shot). McKillops is the only bridge over the Snowy River for a very long way. According to dangerousroads.org ‘It’s said to be the most hazardous & dangerous road to drive on in the country.’ You better believe it! The drops from the single track road to the river below are sphincter puckering! An interesting part of its history reveals that experimentation with electric arc-welding, combined with the necessity for economic innovations during the Great Depression, resulted in the bridge being at the leading edge of world technology. The arc-welding technique was thought to be in advance of British technology at the time, and also created interest in America. It was claimed to be the longest arc-welded steel truss road bridge in the world, and regarded as one of the standing wonders of Australian road-bridge engineering.

Marked Tree Road

Here’s another shot by fergstrom, this one taken in October 2020 on Marked Tree Road near Collector, New South Wales, Australia. There’s a lake called George in the vicinity. You can see the photographer’s hand in the mirror’s wide angle lens. The bike is a 2014 Suzuki DR650.

And one more from fergstrom

The 2007 Suzuki DL1000 V-Strom was photographed in November 2009 “on the Black Fellas Hand track on the way to a Christmas Rally at Newnes in the Wollemi National Park, New South Wales. “Good riding mates Garth, Stuart and Brad in the shot.”

A tour of Washington

The following five images were captured in iPhones when @frhekƶ and a buddy rode his 2014 BMW R1200 GS and his buddy’s earlier GS through Washington state to Glacier National Park, “mostly via northern routes including the Yaak River Roadx” frehkƶ sent us a bunch of pictures, so we’ll try to run more of them next week.

“The Federal Building” which now serves as a post office box for locals was definitely a highlight.

More from Mike and Monte

A couple of weeks ago we ran some pics from Mike and Monte’s Excellent Colorado ADV ride in August, and we promised you more. Enjoy.

The bike in the picture above is Mike’s 2020 KTM 790 Adventure. Mike goes by the handle @Mak’in Bacon, and he’ll tell you what you’re seeing, above ā€” “Epic Hwy 141 early in the morning between Whitewater and Gateway” ā€” and below: “Red Rocks at primitive camp site south of Grand Junction and Whitewater.”

Below: “Looking down on Yampa River from Mantle Ranch Road.”

And next: “DNM – Mike (aka Mak’in Bacon) Yampa Bench Road.”

And . . . “DNM – Yampa River off of the Yampa Bench road we took.”

Almost there. “Dinosaur National Monument (DNM).”

And finally . . . “Cumberland Pass near Tin Cup.”

Well, folks, that’s it for now. But we’ll be back soon with more pictures. And I want personally to say a big Thank You! to all the wonderful photographers who have submitted pictures recently. They are much appreciated and you are keeping this thing we call POTW going. We are lucky to have you.

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